Varnioso Help Jakarta Flood Victims


Heavy rain over the last one week lead to floods in the capital city. Millions of people have been affected by the floods. Most of residents were evacuated to nearest evacuate area.

We as Varnioso concerned about their needs on evacuate area. Last Tuesday, we visited evacuate area in Attahiriyah Mosque, Tebet, South Jakarta. Varnioso arrived at 12 pm and it was very crowded. Based on data, there are 3.127 residents on that evacuation area. They are all Bukit Duri residents. Most of them need clothes, blanket, baby supplies, and foods for their daily needs. They will stay at evacuation area until their homes are safe enough.

We hope all materials that we gave will be useful for them to fulfilled their daily needs. Let’s make sure we all pray for the victim’s families & everyone. 🙂

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