This Monday Morning, we had Morning Varnion, as usual there is a sharing session, this time Mr. Alexander Budiman, our Director of Sales, shared a story about “Superman”.

Everybody is like a Superman or born to be a Superman, at least on their own life. We are the person formed by who we were as a child. The little version of us will always stay inside of us. Every child is born as a hope for their parents, the previous generation, that is why children often called a generation of hope. Every child has the right to life and make positive contribution on this world.
Why Superman?
    1. A SYMBOL OF HOPE. Superhero is a symbol of hope, everyone has a great expectation that disclosured in a figure. For example, Jakarta’s citizen love their governor Mr. Jokowi and Mr. Ahok because they are brave enough to speak up about the right things.
    1. STRONG & POWERFUL. People likes being strong and powerful, so we can do what it is called self denial, as a prove of our existence, the ability to change anything about themselves so they like great things. We prove it by refusing someone’s word saying if we are weak or can’t do anything.
    1. ADAPT & FOCUS. We need to adapt ourselves with the changes around us, learn to focus, just like Superman when he first lives on earth.
Path of Transformation.
People need to change. When we don’t realize of our greatness, we become troublemaker, for example a beautiful butterfly but before that it was a caterpillar, something that you hate. From this example, we can learn that big changes require lots of small changes, it takes times and processes, and the most important thing is to change our mindset.
Speaking about self denial and changes, both are not easy or comfortable. Train your physique is necessary, but first train your mind. Then you will achieve many great things.
We know that we are unique, different from anyone else. We don’t have to follow mainstream people, reject that thought by constantly improving. That is why self control is very important.
Highest point of life is to live with victory, don’t fill it with defeat. To achieve it, focus on our strong points, be very good at those points on the field we are on. This will overwhelmed our weak points, but you still need to share your weaknesses so it could be managed.
Master Builder.
We are all a super people, master of our expertise. All of us know the big picture, but it is difficult to know which part are you on. The solution for this is by working together as a team, then we can make the impossible thing.

Infographic MV Superman

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