Self Organize

On March, 17 2014 we had a “Morning Varnion”, there was something different this time. We were not only given or shared new knowledges for Varnioso but we also had a short practical training. The main title was “Self-Organized” under this month theme, VCC #5 “Becoming Agent of Change” by VOC (Varnion Office Committee).

What is self-organized?
Self-organized is managing everything you do or have systematically in order to perform task given efficiently and effectively to produce the output we wanted.

On working environment, we work alone and often with a team. How do we apply self-organize within a team? What should we do to people who don’t understand or don’t know how to organize themselves?

Since we are a team, we must help them, so our goals could be accomplished together. Ma sure we understand about the concept of self-organize first including the task or goal delegated to us.

We need to have 3D to be self-organized

1. “Do it right now”, don’t postpone or delay.

2. Second D is “Delegate”. Delegate the task to someone else on your team which you knows who could handle it.

3. Third D is “Ditch” . When you ditch the assignment and said to your manager that you’re very busy with current project and can’t handle the new task within time frame, please find another one.

In a conclusion self-organize means we should make a smart strategic plan when our leader gave some tasks for us. Never assume but ask any details of what they want, and always prepare what are the things you need to do first after the leader gave the tasks.

What is the purpose or result expected from being self-organized?
It could be vary, depends on the circumstances given, but in general it would be :
1. Re-organize things that are not in their right place or not in order, so it would look great and easy to find.
2. From dirty to clean.
3. From ignorant to grooming.
4. From unproductive to productive.
5. From uneffective to effective and efficient.


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