Varnions Women’s Day


Who hates Monday? We surely don’t! When people busy facing the traffic jamm, Varnioso were enjoying the movie on the screen with popcorn on the hand. Not because it’s affordable price in cinema, but we have special celebration went on. Kartini’s day! To made it even more memorable, we had a dresscode for the day which is kebaya. The Varnioso guys were looking awesome too in batik as their respect to the women.

The film we watched also related to women empowerment, Morning Glory. Have you seen it? Don’t be jealous, because the office is our second home, we always have mouth watering sweets on the corner, of course at this movie time we also had ice creams! Can you imagine how lovely that was? :p

This movie motivated us with the incredible effort Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams) has done, especially when she did not give up to make the show works even the station declared they want to cancel the show. It has a strong message that women nowadays also have the ability to do the work as the men do. These days we can see more women speak up and stand up to prove that they are worth to keep in the field that “used” to be too masculin. Seems like Mrs. Kartini’s spirit still linger in our heart.

Although for some people equality gender at work drives negative reactions, actually it doesn’t imply that way, but women and men have equal value and accord equal treatment. In Varnioso’s family, we do have women who role the key position, eventhough we dive in technology business. Well, yeah, who doesn’t love us (women)? 😀

Don’t you wonder, are there many women who deserve a “WOW” from us?  And… ta da! Yes there are! As we are a company in Technology business that known as male’s expertized, we want you to get to know some amazing women that rock and roll in technology industry. Feel free to check them further and be inspired! Here they are :

Infographic The Most Powerful Women in Tech Company WEB

Last, Varnioso wants to congratulate all women for their hardwork and participation in this IT business even the gender gap is still exists. Thank you for keeping up the great work and stay gorgeous at the same time! Believe us, we know it’s hard to do those two at once.

Happy Kartini’s day, dear Indonesian women! Without you, today would never be the same 🙂 . (KT)




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