Varnion Buka Bersama 2016

Ramadhan is a good month to celebrate togetherness and through this opportunity, Varnioso aims to strengthen its relationship towards each other. On June 24, 2016, Varnion held this fast-breaking activity with fellow Varnioso’s at Diradja Hotel. Since this event was held two days after Jakarta’s birthday, Varnion used a Betawi-inspired theme depicting its appreciation to the city of Jakarta – a city that is constantly moving forward up to this day. All Varnioso who attended the event wore Betawi’s traditional costume like sarong, pangsi, kebaya and another type of Betawi blouse. This event was definitely exciting. It consisted of Betawi-inspired activities such as singing traditional betawi singing contest, respond the rhyme (pantun), best costume competition, dubsmash contest, and also gift exchange. As part of the Varnioso family, we hope that this fast-breaking celebration will make our bond stronger. Let’s take a peek of our happiness on the video down below ūüėÄ


Corporate Social Responsibility is an annual activity organized by Varnion. As an ISP Company, Varnion had gotten a chance to hold a charity event called¬†Varnion Berbagi – CSR Ramadhan 2016¬†at Yayasan Nurul Yakin, Bogor for the second time. Varnion’s main purpose is to share happiness with orphans, which is considered as Varnioso’s brothers and sisters. This ¬†program consisted of mini games, donation, gift giving, and fast breaking together. Click the video below and experience the happiness brought by Varnion Berbagi – CSR Ramadhan 2016!!


This year, Varnion held a Clients Gathering Event named “Practical Shooting Sport”. Varnion Clients Gathering is an event where Varnion’s loyal clients gather in one place and meet each other. This event was held in Lapangan Tembak Senayan, Jakarta on 24th, 25th May also 2nd June 2016. Every client always asked “Why shooting?” and that question has been answered by Sir. Alex Budiman as Varnion’s owner that said “Because lunch and dinner was ordinary. Internet seminary? you can find the information from google. But Shooting-Sport? that’s more like Varnion, feel the experience first, and you’ll be satisfied”. This Gathering was started with registration from 9 AM at Puang Oca Restaurant.

After the participants finished eating breakfast, they were asked to attend the introduction of firearms by Perbakin, in this agenda all participants are given a theoretical information about how to use firearms safely. After they’ve understood in theory, they are accompanied by trainers start try their firearms practice for 45 minutes. By the time participants have become accustomed to the use of firearms, the participants are given alternately to exercise freely for 30 minutes prior to assessment practices and precision shooting by Perbakin.

When participants finished the assessment practices, they were directed back to the restaurant for lunch  at Puang Oca Restaurant, they also begin to register themself for the Virginia Shoot Off Competition which was strated at 03:00 pm. Before Virginia Shoot Off Competition, participants were presented with a demo of reaction shooting by Mr. Vincent the Shoot off World Champion. After that, they finally begin The Virginia Shoof Off Competition at 03.00pm, the competition was divided into several matches, one match consists of two participants until ultimately reaching the final round. After Virginia Shoot Off competition event were completed, the event was closed with the announcement of the winner, awarding certificates and plaques from Varnion to the clients. After the event, the clients response of this practical shooting activities is very diverse, many clients experienced this shooting activity for the first time and they feel a lot of pleasure and passion in trying new things.

Varnion Clients Gathering – Practical Shooting Sport BATCH 3

Morning Varnion May 2016

Morning Varnion is an internal gathering event that was held once in every 3 months or 4 times a year. Morning Varnion’s participants are Varnioso whose based in Jakarta, for Bandung and Bali attended this event by video conference.

This activities on Morning Varnion are variety so that Varnioso will be more passionate and happy to work in Varnion. In 2016, Varnion has held this event twice. The first event this year was on February with the Rapper Competition theme. There were so much new spirit within Varnioso hearts because of this event. According to the positive response from Varnioso, the committe of this event are getting more enthusiastic in giving more unique and exciting upcoming Morning Varnion activities.

In May 19th, 2016, Morning Varnion event’s theme was National Education Day which falls on May 2, 2016. In this event, Varnioso was expected to get along into the theme, such as using school uniform costumes and become a student along with the uniform and attributes, they used to create the atmosphere actually as being in school. The excitement and pleasure of Varnioso was undoubtable!

Varnioso gathered using school uniform

Varnioso gathered using school uniform

Varnioso make a line up and prepared to start the event

Varnioso make a line up and prepared to start the event.

With the participation one of Vice President Varnion, Mrs. Ika as speaker in this event who was act like School’s principal and the presence of Gaby as MC and acted¬† as a teacher, This event was more exciting because Mrs. Ika and Gaby were really get into the role. After that, this event was started with singing and given some punishment for Varnioso who‚Äôs late. Mrs. Ika was gave some speech and started to play her role as the principal and giving advices for Varnioso to always appreciating our former national heroes so that we can get a useful higher education.

Varnion Vice President, Mrs. Ika played role as school principal

Varnion Vice President, Mrs. Ika played role as school principal

Punishment time for Varnioso who comes late

Punishment time for Varnioso who comes late

Varnioso sang together during the show

Varnioso sang together during the show

After that, the event was entering into the core agenda by giving some appreciation for Varnioso who is still continuing their education to the higher level. At the end of the event, the committe also get a satisfying response from Varnioso, the fun and excitement of Morning Varnion will always be remembered in Varnioso hearts.

Apreciation for Varnioso who still

Apreciation for Varnioso who still continuing their education to the higher level

Varnion Adventure 2016

On 29 April 2016, Varnion organized an internal company outing named Varnion Adventure 2016. To have some different atmosphere from the previous outing event, the committee held a special pre-outing event inspired by famous TV show Amazing Race. In this event, before all Varnioso heading to the outing location they have to crack some trivia and the winner were awarded by the type of vehicle they got. The first winner was given some privilege to use online taxi while the other team has to use buses and trains. The entire event of Varnion Adventure 2016 was prepared by the committee and Varnioso was not given any information about the outing place, they only been given the list of supplies they might need for this outing.

On the next day with a lot of curiosity, finally all Varnioso went to a place that has been prepared by the committee where is located at the BRC (Banten Rafting Ciberang). With so much enthusiasm, after they arrived to the BRC varnioso was prepared to start rafting and rushes down the river to do rafting. In the end, after the implementation of the Varnion Adventure 2016 they were thrilled with  lots of unforgettable moments together. Based on the testimonials given by some Varnioso, Varnion Adventure 2016 is very affected in the hearts of the varnioso and it makes all Varnioso closer to each other and motivate them to be able to cooperate better.

2 Minutes Closer with Network Control Customer Solution

NCCS or Network Control Customer Solution is one of department that exist in Varnion. Fidelis Adi Wicaksono ‘Fidi’ told about his experiences as NCCS officer in Varnion. Fidi explained that “Overall NCCS is like regular Customer Service , but Varnion’s Customer Service is different, aside from receiving request or handling problem from customer, Varnion also help customer about connection’s monitoring. So, NCCS not only becoming a customer solutions officer but also in charge on network control” said 24 years old man called fidi.

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Since working at Varnion, Fidi got many experiences with various types of customer who reported their complain, from customer who was patient to the newbie customer who wasn’t ‘computer friendly’. Based on fidi’s experiences, newbie customer is more like easily panic when there is any issues on their network and didn’t know what they should do, and as a NCCS officer he has to help finding solution and calming customer patiently so the customer won’t panic anymore.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Varnion has a principal bringing the WOW Service to their customers. So, it’s NCCS Job to handle any complain 24 hours a week, meaning that this department has no day off to serve the customer. Because of their 24 hours service, NCCS Officers are encouraged to maintain their health including minding their sleep time, Varnion also providing any entertainments like Xbox, foosball table, dart board and mini soccer arranged by other Varnioso (Varnion’s employees). Varnion NCCS NCCS also has to know what kind of issue that the customer might have, disconnection or any other connection problems. NCCS also need specific data from customer who reported the problem, because the issue that frequently reported is customers can’t visit or access specific websites that means those websites status are ‘banned by request’ by customer’s company or’s IT person. When there’s any servers problem, NCCS Team can give any advice or input but they can’t help changing their customer internal security server system.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† When he’s asked about his funny experiences as NCCS , he smiles and laugh immediately, “Once i received a call, someone said that ‘Sir, this unit is troubled’ ” said Fidi impersonated a woman’s voice. ‘im sorry miss, what kind of issue do you have? you can’t access several websites?’ “no sir, the water is cut off” maybe she thinks that this number (varnion NCCS number) was a Customer solution specialties in everything, and she hung up immediately after i explained what this number really are for. And one more, someone called in the middle of the night that she can’t access internet in fact that she forgot to plug in the cable” said Fidi with Laugher behind his voice.


Fidelis Adi Wicaksono

Fidelis Adi Wicaksono

After he graduated college in 2014, Fidi directly work at Varnion and this April he will celebrate his 2 years anniversary working here. To him, working at Varnion makes him happy, because this is his first job and working at ISP company is his dream job since he was a student. “Working here, i easily get friends with the same hobbies because many young people work here, i didn’t have to dress up formally if i didn’t have to meet companies client, but we should dress up casually neat and comfortable. once i heard that other’s company has a several policies including the employee has to dress up formally and wearing uniform everyday, i think that’s boring unlike here” explained Fidi.

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Innovation for Fidi is an idea that making someone’s work become easy and more effective also efficient and useful for many people. Untill now, Fidi’s idea for NCCS is by implementing the neatness and cleanliness on the NCCS monitoring room that is active for 24 hours. Fidi thinks that minding the CS convenience is really needed because it is impacted to the NCCS work performance. Fidi assume that he still need perfecting his performance to achieve a smooth career path here. “We do have a chance to developing our self and encouraged to innovate something, i think that didn’t make things monotone here” close Fidi who has a hiking hobby.

Spirit of Youth – Varnion Support ACL (Atmosphere Champion League) 2016.

To Varnion, youth are the future generations and will be the next leader of this country. Varnion always interested in supporting youth activities that can enhance the ¬†creativity of young people.¬†As Indonesia’s leading Internet Solution Provider, Varnion got a chance to support Atmosphere Champion League (ACL) 2016, and proudly became a sponsor. ACL was an event held by Christ Catherdal Church in Tangerang as an easter celebration. Here are the documentation from ACL 2016.

ACL Comitee pose on the stage with the winners

ACL Comitee pose on the stage with the winners

1st Team

1st Team

Second Team

Second Team


Basket Ball Teams on ACL 2016

2nd winner with ACL Comitee

2nd winner with ACL Comitee



As the time goes by, the development  of technology and the support of internet turn into something that cannot be separated from human life. Technology plays important role in alleviating our daily work, especially there are a lot of offers from different types of gadgets with unlimited internet access which has now established trend and lifestyle.

With the internet services, the social communication process begin to change from offline to online. This can be reinforced by the growth of internet users and social media globally. According to the latest data from August 2015, We Are Social as a marketing agency stated that active Internet users worldwide has now reached $ 3.17 billion.  From year to year, the number of Internet users grow to about 7.6 percent. This also leads to the growth of social media and mobile users. According to the same report, an active social media users has now reached 2.2 billion, while mobile users reached 3.7 billion.


In Indonesia, based on the research by Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia (APJII) in collaboration with the University of Indonesia PusKakom recorded that there are 88.1 million active internet users, growing to 16.2 million from 71.9 million, or in other words there’s about 34 , 9% penetration The majority of internet users are those aged 18-25 years with the main reason surfing in cyberspace is ¬†to open the following social networks for the purpose of seeking information and online conversations.


Those fantastic numbers ¬†indicate that there’s a high interest toward the presence of internet from the society, including some business who also take advantage from the internet services to advance business itself.

Internet and online communication actually has many advantages and benefits, such as wide-ranging information access and the communication process between one and another occurs¬†real-time¬†and instant¬† so that everyone can be connected even though in different time and place. However, ¬†just as the proverb says ¬†“there is no ivory that isn’t cracked” that’s how the existence of the internet which is not free from any controversy.¬†Like a double-edged sword, the benefits brought by the Internet can actually pose a threat.¬†For example, the threat of negative contents¬† spread widely, whether it is pornography, provocation, gambling.¬†Not to mention there are many crimes that occur as a result of interaction in online media such as the case of privacy violation, prostitution,¬†human trafficking¬†and even online sexual abuse.

These threats impacts not only about a child’s growth, but also for the public system itself. ¬†Internet is actually good, but in the end we¬† need an attitude to face this dilemma.¬†One of the programs initiated by¬† Information and Communication Technology Community ¬†also supported by the government in solving this case by sounding the ” Healthy and Safe Internet / DNS (Internet/DNS Sehat) ” program.

What is “Healthy and Safe Internet”?¬†Well, this is a national program to socialize the use of the internet in a healthy and safe way for all people so that benefits of internet give more positive influences and add value in various aspects of life.¬† Digital literacy and cyber-ethics¬† should be delivered in depth for all internet users, children and parents.

Another thing that often related to the interaction of virtual world is sometimes a¬†‘status update’¬†of someone¬† can bother others that result ¬†defamation cases.¬†Therefore, it is right if nowadays many¬†campaigns¬†about “The Golden Rule”¬†for surfing in cyberspace as¬†“Wise While Online, Think Before You Post”.¬†The campaign is directed internet users to become a¬†user¬†who is psychologically mature and wise . Users¬†should be able to sort out which things are not fair and reasonable in live online communication.¬†Why?¬†Because of the principle of online communication which is also the basic principles of communication itself ¬†is “once a message or words that you have said, it will not ever be withdrawn”. ¬†In cyberspace which ¬†has viral features such as¬†download,¬†share¬†and¬†re-tweet¬†which is when you post the words, video, or images that are not supposed to, others out of your personal life can disseminate it and you will not be able to control the number of your post clones in cyberspace, not to mention the level of cyber-bullying is getting higher today.

Related to a complex process of online communication that’s why the internet users should take a wise attitude for building interactions in cyberspace.¬†When the government and the community and society together care toward the healthy internet program, such as ICT Watch in giving well literature for both materials and has tried to intensify the positive values ‚Äč‚Äčof the internet through socialization. Then, the realization of the nation toward smart in utilizing the technology will be more easily achieved if the business sector as well contributed to this issue, particularly for companies with internet service providers, namely ISP.

Varnion as one of the ISP in Indonesia realized that the implementation of healthy internet is part of responsibilities. With a portfolio of business in the field of internet network,  to be certain ISPs have the capacity to limit the negative content that does not suit with the legislation, moral, social, and customs of the nation also ensure the security of access from harmful content just like malware and phishing.

Therefore, in order to support the government’s program for the implementation of the “Internet Sehat” in Indonesia and in accordance with the legislation set out in Article 21 of Law No.¬†36 year 1999 about Telecommunications Surat Edaran Dirjen Postel 1598 / SE / DJPT.1 / Kominfo / 7/2010, also related to this year theme “Play Your Part for A Better Internet”, as one of ISPs, Varnion participate by providing filtering media in the company’s internal DNS so the¬†client’s internet access is already selected.¬†With clients which is in business sector with a high-demand for internet access, Varnion continually strive to reduce the risks that may occur, especially to maintain the security of client access while connected to internet network¬†to avoid malware or¬†phishing.¬†Varnion is very open if there’s a report about website domains that are considered as detrimental to many parties and we will immediately block and keep update the latest information from the government.

Basically, internet is like a white canvas which is then filled with black ink on it, so that its presence is not to blame, but the users themselves¬† are the one who suppose to be wise in using internet for a positive purpose. The Internet is a source of knowledge provides wealth¬† information to support the activities of people.¬† Internet should become a media to improve the quality of ourself.¬†Someone who are wisely in using internet, of course they will absorb a lot of knowledge and can even be a media to run and advance ¬†the business, ¬†in spite of the misuse that information technology can threaten the integrity of a person.¬†Therefore anyone let’s remember THE GOLDEN RULE: ¬†“Wise While Online, Think Before You Post!”

Happy Safer Internet Day ^^

Welcoming 2016 Like A Rapper

Wednesday (01/20/2016), Morning Varnion event with theme “Rap” as well as the celebration to welcome the new year 2016 was very lively. Located in Varnion head office Jakarta, the event was attended by all Varnioso (name for Varnion’s employees) that came with the appearance of rapper star style.

The event began with Morning Varnion¬†sharing¬†by Mr. Leonardus Handy Gunawan as Varnion Office Committtee.¬†He gave inspiration ¬†through a video about how Conor McGregor with all preparations, vision and confidence, McGregor able to defeat the defending champion UFC just in a short time.¬†Through this story, he said that key in facing this whole year ahead are firstly visualize and prepare all plans to achieve your vision.¬†He also added that there is “sowing and reaping” formula in life.¬†“If we sow happiness, then we will also reap happiness. If we feel we need to go forward, we must encourage and embrace others to jointly move forward. We also have to use time wisely.”¬†said Mr. Leo.

Sharing by Mr.Leo

Sharing by Mr.Leo

After¬†the sharing¬†session, the event continued with a symbolic procession to welcome 2016 led by the¬†leaders¬†and followed by all varnioso by lifting drinks and having “cheers and high-fives” together.

Cheers led by leaders

“Cheers and High-fives” led by leaders

As the top of Morning Varnion event and in accordance with the theme, we held motivational rap competition. Teams who participated in the competition were Varnion team from Jakarta, Bali and Bandung. Each team dressed like a rapper and sang a song with motivational lyrics for one minute.

Rap Contest Participants

Rap Contest Participants

Each team was able to show their maximum performance, they showed hilarious and creative stage act ¬†and able to entertain the audience and the judges obviously.¬†The end of the event was filled with announcement and awarding to the winners for rap and photo contest.¬†Congratulations to ‚ÄėJakarta 1‚Äô ¬†team (Nadya-HRD, Aqodama-Engineer, Citra- XCT, Toni-Design) as the first winner and ‚ÄėJakarta 5‚Äôteam (Ari-GA, Bobby-NCCS, Olin-Billing, Gina-XCT) as the runner up of motivational rap competition.

Jakarta 1 As The 1st Winner of Rap Competition

Mrs. Vero Awarding Jakarta 1 As The 1st Winner of Rap Competition

Jakarta 5 As Runner Up of Rap Competition

Jakarta 5 As Runner Up of Rap Competition

Also congrats to the winners of the¬†photo contest,¬†Agung Hartono from Engineer Division as the winner for the best photo category, Nesa from BO division as the winner for “Terniat” category and Toni from Design Division as the winner for “Tergokil” category.

Agung As The Winner of Best Photo Category

Agung, The Winner of “Best Photo” Category

Nesa As The Winner of Photo Contest for

Nesa, The Winner of Photo Contest for “Terniat” category

Toni As The Winner of Photo Contest for

Toni, The Winner of Photo Contest for “Tergokil” category

See you later¬†in the next Morning Varnion ūüôā


The Varnioso in Morning Varnion, Varnioso Morning Varnion, Wednesday (20/01/2016)

The Varnioso in Morning Varnio, Wednesday (20/01/2016)

CSR Christmas Charity 2015

Every year Varnion always do social charity on Christmas and New Year holidays. This year CSR was held in December 18, 2015 together¬†with the entire children of ¬†Fajar Baru orphanage house . The event was festive and blissfulness with the praise and worship procession, vocal performance by the children and committee, games, as well as the distribution of Christmas gifts. For more details, let’s check this video: