Self Organize

On March, 17 2014 we had a “Morning Varnion”, there was something different this time. We were not only given or shared new knowledges for Varnioso but we also had a short practical training. The main title was “Self-Organized” under this month theme, VCC #5 “Becoming Agent of Change” by VOC (Varnion Office Committee).

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Fast Outside – Healthy Inside

article picture di bagian atas buat judul

Last Monday on Morning Varnion, Mrs. Veronica as Business Operational Manager shared a brilliant topic about how to make your company fast and healthy.

Everything moves at such a fast pace and it is important to keep moving. As a company, it’s important to act fast. Act fast is essential but you should pay attention and understand to what happen inside your company or your team. Here’s the details:

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Varnion Corporate Culture

PT. Varnion Technology Semesta believes that culture defines company and the culture that it fosters ensures its success. Core values are the real corporate culture that guides employee’s actions. Based on that believes Varnion create corporate culture in the working atmosphere as guideline for every member of Varnion to contribute their skills and knowledge to produce masterpiece product and service for Varnion.

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Internet First Aid for iOS


Hey Readers, have you ever been to a place when you need to use WiFi Connection, but then you have trouble connecting? Whatever gadget platform you have either iOS, Android or Windows, you must have experienced those unpleasant moments. Stop worrying because right now we will share you about “The First Aid for Internet Connection”.

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How Much Do You Know About WiFi?


Nowadays Wi-Fi becomes part of life and an essential aspect in hospitality world. Almost 90% hotel in Indonesia benefited Wi-Fi technology as media to set up their internet connectivity for their users/guests. Some hotels even provide internet connection for free via Wi-Fi as part of the excellent service. Wi-Fi technology often used because it is a simple technology that able to be connected everywhere. But it doesn’t mean that Wi-Fi has no weakness factor, often Wi-Fi caused complaints from users/guests when they are not able to be connected to internet.

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Who is Varnion?

Hello everyone, we’ve been on board for couple days now, but we haven’t introduce ourself properly. So today we are going to let you know more about us.

Varnion is a company in information Technology field, especially related to internet. Varnion is delivering internet solution, integrating technology and making a system that works well for our customer.

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What the world says about varnion ?

Menjadi bagian dari sejarah. Itu adalah bagian yang terpenting dalam hidup ini. Apa yang kita jalanin itu tidak sia-sia. Apalagi kita melakukan bahkan mengubah sejarah.

Untuk itu kita varnioso memulainya dari website. Berikut sejarah apa saja yang pernah dikatakan dunia tentang website kami