Varnionatic Military Camp Testimonials (Men) Part II

The following are some of the testimonies part II from those who have followed the Varnionatic Military Camp (VMC) 1st Batch and 2nd Batch, and those who received a reward from the trainers.

Fahlevi Satria, Varnion  Team, who joined the 1st Batch, learned that teamwork and responsibility are very important. He also said that we have to work to follow the due date and to complete our work in accordance with the deadline.


Tony - Varnion Chief Design Officer

Tony – Varnion Chief Design Officer


“If you want your work to be great, you must have a great team work, you can’t be individualistic anymore, so that the vision and mission of the company can work well. Furthermore you have to care with your office environment,” said Tony, Varnion Chief Designer, who joined the 2nd Batch.

Danang - Varnion Logistics

Danang – Varnion Logistics


“I think, as a team, we have to know each other really well, help each other and discipline in our work,” said Danang, Varnion Logistics, who joined the 1st Batch. Danang received a reward as the longest person who held half push-up position among 30 participants on the 1st Batch.


Jerry - Varnion Chief Logistics Officer

Jerry – Varnion Chief Logistics Officer


“All the teams that joined Varnionatic Military Camp had a mental warrior. I do believe that we are able to meet the target as long as we have great control and great leadership,” said Jerry, Head of Varnion Logistics, who joined the 2nd Batch, he received a reward as a leader of the most concerned about his team.


During the training there are some Varnioso that fell to ill, but they kept following all the training programs until the end, such as Guruh and Wijna who joined the 2nd Batch. Both of them received a reward for their determination and persistence to not give up and keep the fight until the end.


Guruh - Varnion Hospitality Sales

Guruh – Varnion Hospitality Sales


“Don’t limit ourselves. Our minds sometimes limit our action, the fact is we can go further than we thought. Other things that can be implemented in our work area, great teamwork, discipline and avoid the slightest mistake possible, because all these things determine our success,” said Guruh, Varnion Sales Hospitality Bali.


Wijna - Varnion Engineering On Site

Wijna – Varnion Engineering On Site


“When I was lying sick in the tent. Mr.Rino came and said to me ‘It’s all in your head, what you feel right now is only in your mind. Believe that you can get through this. You have done the hard part, what comes next is easy compared to what you have done. So don’t give up just yet.‘ After that I’m able to join back. His words became my motivation to follow the VMC ’till the end and until now I still remember well. I can apply what Mr.Rino said in my daily work. All the things that I think are the obstacles in carrying out my duty exists only in my minds, I should not give up so easily in this task. “


Trainers from MFBT Indonesia-01

The principles and values of the Marine Corps, which are taught by the trainers from MFBTI in VMC has changed the mindset of the sixty-one participants. With honor, courage and commitment the sixty-one participants are able to do the right thing when no one is looking, to act responsibly, and successfully pass the training program.


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Varnionatic Military Camp Testimonials (Men) Part I

Varnion recently held Varnionatic Military Camp (VMC)  followed by 61 Varnion men employees (a.k.a. Varnioso). VMC was divided into two batches. Semper Fidelis, the Marine Corps motto, guides Varnioso to remain faithful to their job, to each other, and to the company. In addition to the Semper Fidelis, the Marine Corps also embrace the phrase Ductos Exemplo, “to lead by example”.

The trainers look for participants who display self-reliance, discipline and responsibility. Desire and motivation to lead others by example are deciding factors in a team member’s success. The following are some of the testimonies of those who have followed the Varnionatic Military Camp and those who received a reward from the trainers.


Jody Badin - Varnion Support Bali

Jody Badin – Varnion Support Bali


Jody Badin, Varnion Support Bali, received a reward as the strongest participant in the 2nd Batch. According to Jody there are a lot of things he learned from VMC, here are the following details:

1. Discipline: “I learned that there is time for work, for pray, and for everything. We have to use it wisely, and we obey our commander’s rules and to behave according the rules.”

2. Responsibility: “I learned to be responsible in doing my job”.

3. Hygiene: “I learned that I have to keep my clothes clean, the place that I stayed and worked, and also keep my body and soul clean”.

4. Togetherness: “VMC teaches me how beautiful is togetherness. To be together working as a team, it increased our sense of belonging.”

5. Sportsmanship: “Last, I learned that we should have an honest attitude, and dare to admit others superiority and willing to accept defeat”.


Vicky - Varnion Support Jakarta

Vicky – Varnion Support Jakarta


The second strongest position awarded to Vicky, Varnion Support Jakarta, who join the 2nd Batch. “Solidarity is one of the most striking value that I learned from VMC. Sgt. Fitrah always said ‘Corsa Soul’, which means the burden is shared. Where there is a mistake, regardless who is wrong, better to fix our self first, without judging each other. This is not about who is wrong or who is can’t, but it is about who doesn’t know yet and haven’t tried. You are not unable to do, you just have to figure it out.”


Syawal - Varnion Junior Provisioning

Syawal – Varnion Junior Provisioning


Syawal, Varnion Junior Provisioning, one of the participants from 2nd Batch received a reward for his tenacity to follow the training without complaining or showing frown face. “In VMC, I learned when there are team members who are weak or need help, we don’t have to wait for them to ask helped, but we have to be alert to immediately help them. In my personal work I also learn how to choose priorities. Moreover to minimize errors, as a member of the team it is important for us to carry out the orders from our leader. Just focus on the course, don’t care about other distractions.”

Anton and Teguh, both are Varnion Monitoring Team, who joined the 1st batch. Both of them received a reward because during the training they did not shown frown faces or complaint, they perform all tasks well. Both of them conclude that the VMC makes them learn to not give up and in order to achieve the purpose of the work, they have to be consistent with the good working rhythm, discipline, and must have a good spirit in the work. Continue reading…

Morning Varnion with MFBTI

Last Monday, March 2nd, 2014, Morning Varnion was held at Varnion Headquarter, Jakarta, with guest speakers from the trainers of MFBT (Military Sgt. Elberlino Tiwa (Elbert) and Mr. Astoriano R. Tiwa (Rino). Military Fitness Basic Training is Jakarta Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp. Based on the United State Military/Marine Corps physical training regiment, Basic training offers Civilian-friendly, fun and challenging fitness program perfect for all fitness levels.

Last month 61 Varnion men employees (a.k.a. Varnioso) joined Varnionatic Military Camp (VMC). VMC was divided into two batches.

The talk show MC, Mrs. Ayu and Mr. Safa asked about Sgt. Elbert and Mr. Rino’s childhood, how Sgt. Elbert got into the United States Marine Corps and finally how they, as brothers built MFBT Indonesia.

Sgt. Elbert and Mr. Rino also shared their experiences during training Varnioso in VMC. There were a lot of fun, full of laugh and unforgettable moments. After that the MC open the Q & A session, where Varnioso can asked questions directly to Sgt. Elbert and Mr. Rino about fitness and health.

At the end of the show Sgt. Elbert and Mr. Rino received a Certificate of Appreciation and Varnion T-Shirt for having trained 61 Varnioso on Varnionatic Military Camp.


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Varnionatic Military Camp (Man)

Varnionatic Military Camp (VMC) is one of the forms of Varnion Capacity Building program that designed to arm Varnioso (a.k.a. Varnion employees) with discipline, honour, courage and commitment, so they can work better together and achieve target. VMC began in 2015, was trained by Sergeant Elberlino Tiwa (Elbert), Mr. Astoriano R. Tiwa (Rino), and Sergeant Mohammad Fitrah from MFBT (Military Fitness Basic Training) Indonesia.

VMC were divided in two batches. 1st Batch was held on January 31st 2015 until February 1st 2015, at Dusun Bambu Resort Lembang, Bandung. The 1st Batch was followed by 30 man. The 2nd Batch was held on February 6th 2015 until February 7th, 2015 at Everest Valley Camp Megamendung Bogor. 31 participants followed the 2nd Batch. Varnioso Bandung and Bali that participates in VMC was flown for the sake of participation in this activity.

MFBTI is Jakarta Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp. Based on the United States Marines Corps physical training regiment, Basic training that offers Civilian-friendly, fun and challenging fitness program perfect for all fitness levels.

Marines are strategic warriors with training, judgment and character the entire United States can depend on. The Marine Corps concept of “Commander’s Intent” ensures every Marine has a clear understanding of their commander’s desired objective and the latitude to take the best course of action to accomplish it. Without doubt, MFBTI brings a whole new experience for all Varnioso that attend the VMC to applied in their work.

The MFBTI trainers gave the forces usual form of physical training applied by the elite United States Marine Corps, and also exercise such as running, push ups, sit ups, and squats. Not only that, they even gave the training techniques of self-defence, some training that related to teamwork and team building like putting together a puzzle and team weight race.

Although there were some Varnioso who fell ill during the activity, but they got up back to follow and complete the training program. In the end all 61 participants passed the training. The VMC were closed with the use of a symbolic passing of the dress and the participants proudly received its charter MFBTI participation.


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Why Your Reaction To Things Determine Your Future

Entering the fourth week in January 2015, Jakarta faces a continuous rain. This continuous rain has made us stuck in traffic for hours and not a few whose meeting delayed due to waiting their colleagues or client stuck in traffic for the same reason.

In those waiting moments our mind wandered about “What I’ve achieved so far”, “What have I done”, “How this meeting will going”,How my business will evolve this year”, and so on. Check out Varnion Director, Alexander Budiman’s thought about how to react to our self-evaluation.

If we want to see 2015 as a breakthrough year, first we have to see the truth that had happened in 2014. By doing a self-evaluation in our lives, we will find the truth. There are two possibilities that will happen after we face the truth:

1. If we accept the truth, then the truth will set us free. Introspect ourselves.

2. But the truth can destroy us if we can’t accept it.


This is the important part. Evaluation will give us the truth, what went wrong, which one is succeeded and which is not. Don’t be afraid with problems; don’t be afraid to make mistakes. There are still hopes for the future.  When we react positively, we take the truth as a challenge. How we react to what happened matters, and that attitude will shape our future in 2015.

It will be useless if we have a lot of money but failed in management. Varnion has entered its sixth anniversary, I think we already did a good job. But that’s not enough. We must do more.

Being a relentless optimist, I’m sure with people like you, we can face 2015 better, and stronger. Who wouldn’t want to be remembered as the person that has done their part so well to make the company grows fast? If you want to see your company achieve double revenue, you must fight for it. Because it is not depend on me, it is up to you.

Let’s make Varnion big, I don’t need to make myself bigger. I just need to see Varnion grows. That will be my satisfaction. Make something big in our lives, that is my purpose. Make something cool and amazing. When you make Varnion big, then you’ll be an Entrepreneur.

If you haven’t written your purpose of life, better write it down now. Find out what is your work purpose? Why are you working in this company?  You do your part, God will do His part, then 2015 will be a breakthrough year for all of us. Continue reading…

Write It Down, Make It Happen


We are entering the third week of the New Year, 2015. Time flies so fast. As the Director of Varnion, Alexander Budiman, have a special ritual performed on every New Year’s Eve. Here’s his review.


Every New Year’s Eve on 31 December there is a ritual that I always do. I’ve been doing this for a dozen years. I’m not with my family on 31 December. I will go someplace alone, then find GOD and evaluate myself.

I believe it is not a coincidence that you’re in the company where you work now. Everyone who works in a company must have expectations to be achieved. Not many people write New Year’s resolutions related to their career.

In the evaluation moment, I finally found the purpose of human life, to make something big. At least make something perfect in our lives. We must be able to prove to the world that we can. How?


1. To be able to be great and do great things in 2015, first you must have a clear purpose in life. Determine the purpose of your life, and what’s your goal in your company?

2. Second, we must be able to write down our life’s purpose. You have to write it down. We can’t just say the purpose of life, we have to write it. We should have a small notebook. Do not log in handphone. Handphone will only make us tired. Handphone only makes us live in another world. We need a book in our world, a written record in our lives.



3. We have to evaluate ourselves. Write on the paper, successes and failures of your experience. Learn why you can succeed or fail in this, what you can do in order not to fail again in 2015.


So, if you want to see real change in yourself, your life, in your career, you have to write it down. If they’re not written down, they’re just dreams. When you write things down, it sets off a chain of events that will change your life. Continue reading…

Hello 2015!

On January 5th, 2015, Varnion big family were held a 2015 New Year Celebration, at Varnion main office, Jakarta. The event was hosted by our Business Operations Manager, Mrs. Veronica Mathelda. Our Director, Alexander Budiman, shared his thoughts about 2015. More than 70 Varniosos attended the event. Scroll down to view the pictures and videos.


Varnioso - Business Operations Manager - 5 Jan 2015







Varnioso - VXT - 5 Jan 2015

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The Importance of Self-Evaluation


First few weeks of a new year  are the right time and opportunity to reflect your strengths and weaknesses, to start forming habits that can benefit yourself and the company you work for. As the Director of Varnion, Alexander Budiman thinks that self-evaluation is quite a significant part of business or personal success. Here are his thoughts about self-evaluation that he shared on Varnion’s internal event, Morning Varnion, early this year.


Entering a New Year 2015, many people have a new hope. But, I found a lot of people who were disappointed and didn’t have any hopes. Some people skeptical, but some are trying to do new things, to make a resolution and do something new in 2015.

Some people are consistent, strong enough, discipline to themselves, and success to get what they want. On the other hand, some people don’t have those qualities and all their wishes just pass away.

The fact are, many people have a resolution but after time passed, they began to be inconsistent, they started hanging out with friends who don’t have any purpose or goals in their life, and at the end they realize  none of their goals are achieved.

Why is this keep on happening? Because we never do an evaluation. Because evaluation is painful. We aren’t ready with negative things happen to our life. When we do not evaluate, we can’t reach our wish or goals.

One of the fundamental things in business or personal succeed is a mature strategy planning. You can’t build a new plan without evaluating the performance of your business in the previous year. Similar to our lives, you can’t make a plan for your life if you didn’t evaluate yourself.

We are still at the first week of the New Year. It’s never too late to start a self-evaluation, if you haven’t done it in 2014. Write it down, what are your achievements in 2014. Match them with resolutions you’ve made for 2014. Be honest to yourself about the percentage number of your achieved 2014 resolutions.

Identify your weaknesses and then how to handle them. Focus on how to leverage your strength. Think and write down a real solution what you should do to make a real changes in 2015. By conducting a self-evaluation, you are one step closer to success. Head up 2015 with a spirit of innovation and commitment to deliver WOW service to everyone.


Varnion Quotes 9 Jan 2015-2


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Varnion Christmas Charity Event 2014

Varnion Christmas Charity Event 2014 at YPD Rawinala


Dwituna Education Foundation Rawinala or Yayasan Pendidikan Dwituna (YPD) Rawinala founded since 1973, got an early Christmas presents from PT. Varnion Technology Semesta on Christmas Day December 19, 2014.

Ibu Tini (Kepala YPD Rawinala) menerima sumbangan Natal secara simbolik dari Ibu Heny (perwakilan dari Varnion)


Each year Varnion always do social charity on holidays. This time with the headline “Varnion Berbagi”, Mrs. Heny as Varnion’s representatives gave social contribution and donation to Mrs. Tini, as the Head of YPD Rawinala.

YPD Rawinala serves education for 28 Tunanetra Ganda, which is a condition of two or more disabilities, mainly is the vision (blindness or low vision). This is why with this type of disability, they are having difficulties on getting education in Extraordinary School (Sekolah Luar Biasa), where this institute only serves one kind of disabilities.

Although they have lack of vision, it doesn’t mean that they can’t show their talent in music and singing, praise the God, especially in the recent Christmas events.







Celebrating Varnion Christmas Day with YPD Rawinala begins with praise and worship, followed by preaching by Varnion Director, Alexander Budiman, quoting scripture from Romans 1: 1-5. This was followed by a public event giving Christmas gifts to persons with Tunanetra Ganda treated in YPD Rawinala. Christmas celebration was closed with prayer and dine together.







VIDEO: Varnion Christmas Charity Event 2014

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