5 Ways Varnion BYOD Solutions Will Help IT Performance

5 Ways Varnion BYOD Solutions Will Help IT Performance


The consumerization of BYOD has been shifted the IT culture so that the users are the ones getting the latest information, cutting edge technologies first, and they want to bring those devices to work. Nowadays traveller also consume this trend, which is not something new in the hospitality industry. A hotel guest can bring 2-3 or more devices.  IT management team that wasn’t handling the connected devices, has to change the mindset to aware that traffic usage from all the devices may create problems.


BYOD History

BYOD was mentioned for the first time in 2005 by Ubicomp. In 2009 BYOD entered the courtesy of Intel. Moreover, in 2011 IT service providers started to share their perceptions of this emergent trend.

Especially when we entered the post PC era, Steve Jobs once said, “We don’t think the PC is dying at all. We don’t think that the PC is moving from the center at all. We think it’s evolving just like it has since it was invented in 1975-76.” As the result, new generation and smarter PC is invented and produce post PC era products, such as smart phone, tablet, and notebook.



90% of BYOD activites are comprised of email, calendar, shopping, banking & social – Forbes.

38% of those say no WiFi is a deal breaker will book elsewhere – Hotel Chatter.

94% of people cite WiFi as the most important amenity – Hotel Chatter.


BYOD in Hospitality Industry

Imagine when a big meeting with 2000 participants that being held at the hotel where you work in? When all the participant brought their gadgets to maximize the meeting absorbance, here were averagely two gadgets for each person. (I.e. mobile phone, tablet, laptop). For rough calculation there were around 4000 devices that being used. Of course they will accessing the networking that you have. What could be worse than?

What would happen if the office network is not separated with guest network? It will increase complain from the guest hotel in long term impact, will decreases customer satisfaction and ruin the hotel reputation.

The new technology brought some new option like TV cable, CCTV, printer even absency system, all are connecting by office network. The latest, BYOD term is being a new trend that dynamically changing.


Network is like a house, if you don’t know what devices are passing through your network, it’s such a shameful. 


BYOD Problem

1. The devices that connect to the network are uncontrollable.

2. Data usage is exploded without control.

3. High risk of security breach or data stolen.

4. Virus and malware and Trojan threatening even more.

5. Device loss: Data theft, there with BYOD, when a device lost or stolen, corporate emails & business data is lost too.


MDM or Mobile Device Management is needed to control the mobile devices and bandwidth, network segmentation, and device management.


Varnion BYOD solution fixes the device management from those threats above:


1. Simplify Network Access & Segmentation Management

Control the mobile devices that can access the  network. You can even restricting network access to managed mobile devices from office inventory network, not only that you can also manage how far and much network can access.

Easily setting the network segmentation. I.e. hardware like printer can be chose whether has to connect to the internet or not. Laptop and computer get into the right network, for office or public.


2. Analyze Network Activity

See how many BYOD clients have been connected, measure the bandwidth they’ve used, and even see their percentage of total traffic.


3. Device Tracker.

In case, there are mobile devices that lost or stolen, you can trace of the location of the lost or stolen devices.


4. Perform Remote Lock & Wipe.

For instance, the Marketing Manager is in a meeting out of town, but suddenly there is a problem with the laptop, the IT administrator can fix this problem by accessing the laptop from the office.

Not only that, the IT administrator can also be able to remote wiped the lost devices or locked to save the data. It will saves all company’s confidential data.


5. Secure Apps and Data.

Integrated network access control prevents unmanaged devices from spreading viruses on the network. Moreover, these are some mandatory application and software for inventory devices. To make it easier in long term, avoiding double work at the same time, our BYOD system programs an auto install and update.


Over all, IT administrator has many problems to be fixed on site and other work that need a quick solution. With a limited time and place, don’t you think you need a system that provides secure, reliable, headache-free BYOD network –100% integrated, without adding cost complexity?


Don’t spend valuable time and money worrying about your network, when VARNION’s technology has you covered . 


For more info of Varnion BYOD Solution contact our marcomm@varnion.com


INFOGRAPHIC - 5 Ways Varnion BYOD Solutions Will Help IT Performance
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Varnion CSR Ramadhan 2014


Ramadhan is a month full of blessings, that’s why Varnion is took a part in this special moment this year. CSR Ramadhan 2014, Varnion together with Muslimin Jaya foster house gathered to breakfasting and sharing with gratitude, 21st July 2014.

Opened by inspiring sharing from Mr. Leo Handy Gunawan about why work is a source of blessing, followed by heart touching story from Mrs. Heny Setiawan, plus full spirited short activity from Ms. Ika Ahyani.  They are three awesome people known as VOC (Varnion Office Committee) in Varnion’s big family.

VOC Sharing in Varnion CSR Ramadhan 2014

The fun was not ended there, we also interacted in a game Varnioso vs foster children from Muslimin Jaya foster house, even though Varnioso lost we had so much fun in the game. Further, some of them confidentally entertained us with shalawat and sang memorable songs for all of us.

Varnioso Giving Presents to foster children from Muslimin Jaya foster house

To close this precious moment, Varnion gave a donation to help the education fee, complimenter stuff, and of course personal gift to every children.

Sharing is caring, for sure it’s more than words in heart.


Donation from Varnion



Varnioso Fun Moment Celebrating CSR Ramadhan


Varnioso Celebrating CSR Ramadhan 2014

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Discipline Invasion

MV discipline


ATTENTION! Varnion’s army is ready to sabotages your jealousy! Yeah yeah yeah! This Wednesday Varnion’s headquarter was filled by a military squad. Both women and men were in dark green dress, no guns found thankfully. It wasn’t a war, it’s Morning Varnion! The theme for this edition is ‘Discipline’, and for the first time we have guest speakers. They were on stage and shared some experience with us plus some laughs.


The Army Men Spoke About Discipline

The Army Men Spoke About Discipline



The topic was brought very lightly but deep, start with the understanding that if we want, we can to discipline ourselves. All kind of disciplines are started from our own self, and it happens because we get used to it. If we haven’t yet, act like we are get used to till we are having it as a habit.

Basically, discipline is very simple but hard to start at first. It has great impact to our personal and career life if we able to apply them wisely. As if we are discipline we will do our best, then the rest will also affected positively.

When we are able to bring ourselves well, our team will be helped a lot. After that, how we bond the participants in our team to be more than just a team, more like a family. If we can coordinate well and the team work increased, also the output can meet the satisfaction level.

Furthermore, Varnioso was having a Selfie with ID card competition, two lucky winners are chosen and surprised with a giant steel ball as a present. Some of us showed up with awesome military wardrobe that got a salute from the guest speakers. (KT)



New Trainees Entertained The Whole Room

New Trainees Entertained The Whole Room


Whom Has The Best Salute Posture

Whom Has The Best Salute Posture


Varnioso in Action, Ready To Invade You!

Varnioso in Action, Ready To Invade You!


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Onboarding Varnion Culture

After long selection and interview process, we chose some people that have potential, talent, and passion which meets our standard. As a first ammunition from us to our new employees, we always give them a week for training. The training itself is designed and planned to be fun but contented. Don’t you curious what we call fun training?

For a week, all the new employees will be assisted by Rio from HRD. He will give many information about Varnion Corporate Culture, introduction, rules and regulations, basic knowledge of the company, scrum and art performance.

Further, new Varnioso will get a date session with Marketing Communication manager about Varnion Communication Guidelines, also a jamming with General Affair Coordinator about office rules, then Varnionizm from Varnionizm Team.

The most fun material is Scrum. Training session where all the new Varnioso are demanded to be able to build a great team work and knock down a project. For the training week, scrum project is involving papers and creativity. The scrum team will decide who is going to be the scrum master, and how the project will be executed. For instance, we delegated them to create a zoo from paper with high concept.

Over all, the purpose of Varnion training week is to give the best preparation both knowledge and mental to adapt with Varnion work rhythm. As a creative and innovative ISP company, Varnion wants to maximize the talent of chosen people, let them grow and upgrade in here, along the growth WOW performance of Varnion. We want them to know, we give them freedom that they should exploited but with responsible and smart.  (KT)


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The Little Fun Things about Technology

There are so many things invented and innovated progressively nowadays. Everything that help our life easier is technology. Unconciously, technology is become our best partner in life. However, there are plenty fun things about technology we don’t know. So keep scrolling down and let your self floating on the technology fun facts flows. Wether it spices your smile, give you a topic to discuss, or even just relaxing your mind, you decide! 😉


  • The average computer user blinks 7 times a minute, less than half of the normal rate of 20
  • Email has been around longer than the world wide web (www.)
  • The average child today knows how to use a mouse and play video game better than they can ride a bike or swim.
  • Bill Gates’ house was designed using a Macintosh computer.
  • The Internet is the fastest-growing communications tool ever. It took radio broadcasters 38 years to reach an audience of50 million, television 13 years, and the Internet just 4 years.
  • Scientist have made a device that can be used to control another person’s movement over the internet.
  • 160 billion emails are sent daily, 97% of which are spam
  • The computer in your cell phone has more processing power than all the computers in the Apollo 11 Lunar Lander that put 2 men on the moon
  • Although we normally think of computer as the ones we use in our everyday lives to surf the web, write documents, email, etc. Actually small computers are also embedded into other things such as mobile phones, toys, microwaves, and MP3 players. We use computers all the time, often without even knowing it
  • On an average work day, a typist’s fingers travel 12.6 miles
  • There are approximately 6000 new computer viruses released every month
  • The name Google was an accident. A spelling  mistake made by the original founders who thought they were going for Googol
  •  The first computer mouse was introduced in 1968 by Douglas Engelbart at the Fall Joint Computer Expo in San Francisco, it was made from wood.
  • More than one million domain names are registered every month
  • HP, Google, Microsoft, and Apple have one thing in common, they were all started in garages
  • Microsoft is working on a headphones that plays songs according to your mood, health and situation
  • Computer programming is currently one of fastest growing co occupations
  • Facebook pays at least $500 if you can find a way to hack the site
  • Bulletproof vest, fire escapes, windshield wipers, and printers were all invented by women
  • Billions of hours are wasted online, spent, waiting for content to download
  • 28% of IT professionals hide their career from friends and family to get out of giving free tech support


Not everyone be able to absorb information about technology easily, but for sure technology is used more than often in making daily needs met. Even it looks super complicated, actually technology is fun and challenging. Acknowledge more and then you will slowly love it. (KT)




Facebook Login: Build Your Mobile Marketing through Social Media

The growth of mobile users are crazily fast. As the consequence of this phenomenon, the demand of internet connection availability also getting higher. Not only availability that matters, the speed and the stability from the connection also become a bold point. Wi-Fi connection is no more a prideful and exclusive facility, but a mandatory for every hospitality business. No wonder we can find it almost everywhere we go, even in a shuttle bus. It defines the credibility offers for consumers.

The more people online the more responsive and critical they are. Shown by a large reviews number on websites about service or quality of a place. TripAdvisor for instance, has rating for the internet connection on every hotel, restaurant, café reviews. It is absolutely a big risk and could affect the business growth.

Even just about the complementary facility such as internet in the hotel, restaurant, café or even aircraft, could be a big matter. Once bad review goes viral then more people avoid to go there or use their service. Especially people these days keep the gadget lingers even on holiday. No matter what they do, they barely put the phone down, no exception where they are. Admitted that even Wi-Fi in restaurant has a big impact of the customer numbers.

Using a good internet service provider is the only option to solve this issue. In this competition of course you have to choose the best partner (ISP), reasonable bandwidth, good service, and other plus points. Undeniable good quality ISP will cost pretty high, make sure to check is it worth the value.

Our latest invention, Facebook Login doesn’t cost you more or free. It simply cut the marketing budget with greater impact. How it works then?

With Facebook Login everyone that about using Wi-Fi has to login with their Facebook account, there will be posted that this person connected to Wi-Fi at this place. Their friends will see it, also attracts the attention from them. Imagine if there are many people one by one, share the location where they use the Wi-Fi, it will make other curious. It has the same effect like word of mouth.

Further, with our Facebook Login the IT Administrator also able to track what kind of gadget the customers use, how often, how many users, and so on. This standard facility post to wall via Facebook Login is included for all Varnion’s customers with terms and condition apply. Isn’t it a great deal? The customers are happy with the service, you can manage the usage of the internet bandwidth. One solution, solve the hassle, a WOW result. What are you waiting for, the future of mobile marketing now is in your reach.


Find out more about our Facebook Login service on our website 🙂



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Varnionatic -15: Show Your WOW Performance and Art Creation




Do you still remember the fun in highschool when we had a competition against other classes? Where we were cheered to do a team work and create something as creative as possible to win. Wasn’t it fun to experience? In Varnion, that kind of fun is also exists. Another annual internal event that held once in three months, name Varnionatic. What is Varnionatic? It’s Varnion Fanatic. Ehhmm, what kind of fun was it?

Varnionatic 15



This Friday (23/5) Varnioso were all busy in their own station with the costumes, make up, and the scenario. After two more weeks full of hassle to created something from technology trash in our warehouse into something creative yet functional. Varnionatic this time was brag up about showing our WOW talent.

the crowds


Every division had been practicing to compete and win the prices. Played hide and seek so other teams didn’t know what would they presenting. While Miss Stella and Mr.Jerry opened the show, the crew was nervous. All the excitement and anxiety were melt into one. The opening show was a video captured from previous Varnionatic. We were cracked up into laughs.



Sales team turned out with the funky robot and acapella for the talent show as the first participant. If sales team has funky robot named Suka-suka, Product Management and IT Ninja made a frame with VCC list, Design team created a Varnion lamp and photo frame, Finance, Accounting and Tax (FAT) came with a giant ball, Human  Resource and General Affair brought us two chairs from the antenna and geekie robot, Purchasing feat Logistic team presented us a batik lantern, monitoring came up with laptop table, and last Billing and BOT presented us a clock.

performance SAles



Performance PM dan IT Ninja



Perform Design dan Qajoo




Performance Purchasing and Warehouse







Monitoring Ubay Stand Up Comedy 2



performance HR GA



performance Billing dan BOT

The judges are Varnion Operational Commitee known as VOC (Mr. Leonardus, Miss Ika, and Mrs. Heny) were giving many questions when the team elaborated how these creations happened. Hard time for the judges indeed. It reached the peak when all the teams performed their talents. From parody of a music show, parody through centuries to find the best internet connection, stand up comedy, to magician show.


the judges



Which team do you think gonna win? Marketing communication team? Of course… no! :p After all the calculation, the winners are Finance Accounting and Taxes (FAT) team for the WOW talent with their awesome DJ, dance, and magician performance. Billing and BOT won the Art Creation with their amazing clock. It costs only 20.000 rupiah to bought the clock machine. Further, Mrs. Veronica showed up as best costume winner (again!).


Winner Art Creation



Best Costume

Talent Show Winner


Even though not every team won, but all Varnioso were madly happy. After this crazy circumstances at work with matters piled up, we are still supported to be creative, innovative, and got presents. Suit with our Varnion Corporate Culture #3: Work with Fun and Madness. We closed the event with chicken Cordon bleu. Yummyyyy! What a wonderful Friday that was.  (KT)


Winner of WOW Art Creation


Art Creation of PM and IT Ninja


Art Creation of Design and Qajoo


Art Creation of HR GA


Art Creation of HR GA 2


Art Creation of FAT 2


Art Creation of FAT


Art Creation of Sales Hospitality


Art Creation of Purchasing and Warehouse


Art Creation of MarComm


Art Creation of Monitoring

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Morning Varnion





Did you know about Morning Varnion?

What makes you excited to come to the office? For most people who have been stuck in routine, having high motivation to work is not easy. Work life is totally different from college life. No more rules that we can disobey for fun, nor lectures to miss. No more game, just work. However, work life could be an interesting adventure if we can see it from different side. To compete with progressive innovation, we are required to be creative and always learning. One said, there is no limitation for people who wants to learn.

Amazingly shocking, self improvement seminars are cost very high. Just because the speakers are popular. Do we have to spent hundreds of dollars just to be able to learn this? Do only several people that deserve to get free seminars from the company? The answer is only one in Varnion, which is a NO. Always willing to learn is one of Varnion’s Corporate Culture. That is why Varnion has annual event: Morning Varnion.


Morning Varnion Pak Alex


What is more beneficial than a relax time with colleagues, pampered with tasty food and refreshing beverage, along with a future investment for freaking free. Yes, you are absolutely allowed to be jealous! As a growing creative technology company, Varnion is acredited as a WOW! Dedicating the greatest service to the clients, also share enormous love and care inside as a team and family, no exception.

What kind of event is Morning Varnion? We can call it a gathering, longer coffee time, a study group meeting, a sharing knowledge, discussions room, anything! You name it. The topic is always change every month, and the speakers also varies from internal. Uniquely, even the topic seems “heavy” and serious, the speakers are deliver it in easy way.

Not so many companies are agreed to shed some penny regularly for this kind of event, it may seem a waste of money and time, or even not important. On the contrary, there are also companies that believe an informal education like self-improvement for the employees is such a long term investment to give a greater result along with the improvement from the workers. So does happen to the employees, there are people who think this event won’t change a thing, while an open minded employees would think the other way around.

Currently we are living in the information age where mind, information and high technology are imperatives, it’s requires us to updated. It would be a good point to other companies to adopt this type of activity with some adaptation based on the needs of the company itself. It’s effective to create deeper effect on core values.

Thus, Varnioso have the rights to be grateful and proud. The only thing we need is only an open mind, so we could take ourselves to a new stage of life.

“Honestly, if Varnioso realize, Morning Varnion is a forum to sharing knowledge where we can receive more information and discuss about it in fun way. Very beneficial for ourselves, especially when we apply the knowledge into actions.” Mr. Leonardus Handy Gunawan as Vice President of Operational and Sales adds.

Yes indeed, the memories flashing by when all Varnioso gathered with dresscode, had an interactive discussion also strengthen the teamwork. It went more than crazy. (KT) Continue reading…

Agent of Change

How many times you whine about your job in a day? The boss is too blunt. The colleagues are judgemental. The works are piled up. Then tiring days go on and on and on. But is it really about that?

We often seek for a perfect job that we are dreaming of every single time since we were in school. The easy job that pays a lot with good looking colleagues, amazing clients, and very flexible time. If only those kind of jobs were exist, unfortunately they are not. Your current job can be a perfect job for you if only you want to  make it as one with your own effort. As simple as it said, love what you do.

Yes, it does require a change. And trust us, we do exactly know to make a change is a hard thing to do. Isn’t that what makes it worth it? In Varnion it self, Varnioso are demanded and supported to keep dynamic life and keep changing to be better, as in VCC number five “Becoming Agent of Change”. Everybody has their own point for a change and definition for Agent of change. Curious with what Varnioso thinks? Here’s the report.  😀 (KT)

VCC#5 Becoming Agent of Change


Infographic Agent of Change




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Mr. Anggoro, Fidelis & Lia Birthday Celebration

Yesterday the cheerfulness had not only finished on Morning Varnion, because three pieces of tasty cakes marched to our birthday members. Mr. Anggoro Danu (Varnion Senior Vice President NEOC), Fidelis (Varnion Technical Support) and Lia (Varnion Business Operational Team).  Because we are team and family, we sang a long together and wish them a very best in everything, especially at work. Celebrating the birthday is our favourite tradition. Birthday is always exciting, isn’t it? 😀

Varnion Corporate Culture #2 We Are Team and Family 


3 bday


Anggoro Danu


Fidelis Adi Wicaksono


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