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Hello Monday! After a fun crazy weekend, getting up early is a hard thing to do. It is admitted, however Varnioso acted the opposite this morning. We woke up early and arrived at the office on time. As soon as we arrived in the office, a warm savory smells tickling the whole room. Food! Yummy… 😀 The white big screen was up and colorful drinks are managed on the table. Yes, again we had an event going on, Morning Varnion.


Morning Varnion this time was all about deeper understanding of Varnion’s VCC number five which is Becoming Agent of Change. The back sound from James Bond’s movie kept playing endlessly while Varnioso in black dress code sat down on the cozy carpets. This event is one of our internal monthly event to make our bond as family even stronger.


Miss Rebecca, Varnion Marketing Communication Manager, lightened us up with six weapons that we must have on becoming a WOW agent of change. As written on the invitation that we should bring sticky notes, pen, open mind, and open heart, Varnioso also bring the madness.


When we heard “becoming agent of change”, we may visualize so many heroic actions that too good to be done. Actually, to be an agent of change we don’t need to do such an enormous action like saving the city, we just need to change our mindset to be more positive and apply them into real actions.


Short clips from movies in the presentation made the topic more interesting. Not only that, we were writing down our strengths, personal goals, and work goals on sticky notes. After that, we switched the notes with our partner and read it together. The purpose of this, of course is to support each other in reaching their goals. So we can remind our partner to keep on track and also maximize our work synergy.


A beautiful quote we love the most from this presentation is we create our own destiny, and we are responsible for our own life. So many things are easier said than done, aren’t they?  It seems urge us to choose whether to be a DOer or a DON’Ter, surely being a DOer is more beneficial in any ways. Don’t you agree?

Just like John Lennon once said, “If you wanna change the world, take a look at yourself and make a change.” So, are you ready to be a WOW agent of change like us? :D. (KT)


 Varnion Corporate Culture #5 “Becoming Agent of Change”
















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Here is the infographic of Varnioso – Agent of Change –


Infographic MV 28 April

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Varnions Women’s Day



Who hates Monday? We surely don’t! When people busy facing the traffic jamm, Varnioso were enjoying the movie on the screen with popcorn on the hand. Not because it’s affordable price in cinema, but we have special celebration went on. Kartini’s day! To made it even more memorable, we had a dresscode for the day which is kebaya. The Varnioso guys were looking awesome too in batik as their respect to the women.

The film we watched also related to women empowerment, Morning Glory. Have you seen it? Don’t be jealous, because the office is our second home, we always have mouth watering sweets on the corner, of course at this movie time we also had ice creams! Can you imagine how lovely that was? :p

This movie motivated us with the incredible effort Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams) has done, especially when she did not give up to make the show works even the station declared they want to cancel the show. It has a strong message that women nowadays also have the ability to do the work as the men do. These days we can see more women speak up and stand up to prove that they are worth to keep in the field that “used” to be too masculin. Seems like Mrs. Kartini’s spirit still linger in our heart.

Although for some people equality gender at work drives negative reactions, actually it doesn’t imply that way, but women and men have equal value and accord equal treatment. In Varnioso’s family, we do have women who role the key position, eventhough we dive in technology business. Well, yeah, who doesn’t love us (women)? 😀

Don’t you wonder, are there many women who deserve a “WOW” from us?  And… ta da! Yes there are! As we are a company in Technology business that known as male’s expertized, we want you to get to know some amazing women that rock and roll in technology industry. Feel free to check them further and be inspired! Here they are :


Infographic The Most Powerful Women in Tech Company WEB


Last, Varnioso wants to congratulate all women for their hardwork and participation in this IT business even the gender gap is still exists. Thank you for keeping up the great work and stay gorgeous at the same time! Believe us, we know it’s hard to do those two at once.

Happy Kartini’s day, dear Indonesian women! Without you, today would never be the same 🙂 . (KT)






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Everything You Need To Know About Spam


Untitled-8The world’s most hated unsolicited electronic messages as known as Spam come with many forms such as email fraud/phising, marketing or advertising email, and bomb email. Whatever the form is, we are sure it’s not something you want to see on your computer in the morning.  Then why does your “good” email go into the spam folder? Let us dig deeper into spam world to find out how to fight spam.


Why my email is classified as spam?

We cannot hold every incoming emails, but we can minimize spam by using filtering. Spam filters are generally made with three things:

1.       Email Clients:

Generally, email filtering can be integrated in Mail app, Thunderbird, Postbird, Outlook, etc.


2.       Server:

The server admin makes certain category. Email analyzed by the server based on key words or ratings. The system will read whether the email contains spam or not e.g. from the email subject contains promotion or advertising words, or the header contains selling or promotions.


SpamAssassin is a mail filter which scans that classifies email to help tag/block unwanted email. This software is used to help block spam which your server admin, web hosting company or ISP configured to help you. Therefore your server admin could use this software based on those certain categories for analyzing incoming email.


3.       Global Spam Database such as Realtime Blackhole Lists (RBL).

This filtering works manually. As a user we must report the spam to the spam database. They will check the detail if the email broadcasted or personal. When the email was broadcasted then they will proceed with the right action.

When we send an email, it goes to mail server. From here filtering process occurs to stop email recognized as spam to be sent to client’s email (recipient). The same process also applies when we pull incoming emails into our inbox. If the email recognized as spam, it will be retained at the mail server and not passed it on to us.

There is also a Domain Name System Blacklists, also known as DNSBL’s or DNS Blacklists, which are spam blocking lists that allow a website administrator to block messages from specific systems that have a history of sending spam.If the server admin of a DNS Blacklist has in the past received spam of any kind from a specific domain name, that server would be “blacklisted” and all messages sent from it would be either flagged or rejected from all sites that use that specific list.

The three basic components that make up a DNS Blacklist:

1. A domain name to host it under
2. A server to host that domain
3. A list of addresses to publish to the list.

We could use the following sites for checking if we are in the blacklist or not:





How Spam Filtering Works

Every Internet network that chooses to implement spam filtering makes a policy decision for incoming email. The receiver makes the choices on whether to use spam filter, which one to use, and what to do with an incoming email if the email message’s IP Address is “listed” on the blacklist.


What if an important email is recognized as spam by mail server?

IP address or sender can be included in white list, then proceed to recipient’s Inbox mail.


Why is my IP blocked although it wasn’t sending spam?

A.  There is a possibility from a broadcaster computer used for promotion or marketing purpose.

B.   There is a virus on the network.


What Should I Do If My Email Classified as Spam?

Contact your ISP to clean up your IP reputation. If it was virus, ask for virus removal. If it was used for marketing purpose, ask for white list from the server provider and make sure there is an unsubscribe option on your email.

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Self Organize

On March, 17 2014 we had a “Morning Varnion”, there was something different this time. We were not only given or shared new knowledges for Varnioso but we also had a short practical training. The main title was “Self-Organized” under this month theme, VCC #5 “Becoming Agent of Change” by VOC (Varnion Office Committee).

What is self-organized?
Self-organized is managing everything you do or have systematically in order to perform task given efficiently and effectively to produce the output we wanted.

On working environment, we work alone and often with a team. How do we apply self-organize within a team? What should we do to people who don’t understand or don’t know how to organize themselves?

Since we are a team, we must help them, so our goals could be accomplished together. Ma sure we understand about the concept of self-organize first including the task or goal delegated to us.

We need to have 3D to be self-organized

1. “Do it right now”, don’t postpone or delay.

2. Second D is “Delegate”. Delegate the task to someone else on your team which you knows who could handle it.

3. Third D is “Ditch” . When you ditch the assignment and said to your manager that you’re very busy with current project and can’t handle the new task within time frame, please find another one.

In a conclusion self-organize means we should make a smart strategic plan when our leader gave some tasks for us. Never assume but ask any details of what they want, and always prepare what are the things you need to do first after the leader gave the tasks.

What is the purpose or result expected from being self-organized?
It could be vary, depends on the circumstances given, but in general it would be :
1. Re-organize things that are not in their right place or not in order, so it would look great and easy to find.
2. From dirty to clean.
3. From ignorant to grooming.
4. From unproductive to productive.
5. From uneffective to effective and efficient.

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This Monday Morning, we had Morning Varnion, as usual there is a sharing session, this time Mr. Alexander Budiman, our Director of Sales, shared a story about “Superman”.


Everybody is like a Superman or born to be a Superman, at least on their own life. We are the person formed by who we were as a child. The little version of us will always stay inside of us. Every child is born as a hope for their parents, the previous generation, that is why children often called a generation of hope. Every child has the right to life and make positive contribution on this world.


Why Superman?


  1. A SYMBOL OF HOPE. Superhero is a symbol of hope, everyone has a great expectation that disclosured in a figure. For example, Jakarta’s citizen love their governor Mr. Jokowi and Mr. Ahok because they are brave enough to speak up about the right things.


  1. STRONG & POWERFUL. People likes being strong and powerful, so we can do what it is called self denial, as a prove of our existence, the ability to change anything about themselves so they like great things. We prove it by refusing someone’s word saying if we are weak or can’t do anything.


  1. ADAPT & FOCUS. We need to adapt ourselves with the changes around us, learn to focus, just like Superman when he first lives on earth.


Path of Transformation.


People need to change. When we don’t realize of our greatness, we become troublemaker, for example a beautiful butterfly but before that it was a caterpillar, something that you hate. From this example, we can learn that big changes require lots of small changes, it takes times and processes, and the most important thing is to change our mindset.


Speaking about self denial and changes, both are not easy or comfortable. Train your physique is necessary, but first train your mind. Then you will achieve many great things.


We know that we are unique, different from anyone else. We don’t have to follow mainstream people, reject that thought by constantly improving. That is why self control is very important.


Highest point of life is to live with victory, don’t fill it with defeat. To achieve it, focus on our strong points, be very good at those points on the field we are on. This will overwhelmed our weak points, but you still need to share your weaknesses so it could be managed.


Master Builder.


We are all a super people, master of our expertise. All of us know the big picture, but it is difficult to know which part are you on. The solution for this is by working together as a team, then we can make the impossible thing.


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Behind The Scene Chinese New Year 2565

Hi Readers,

On the previous Chinese New Year 31st Januari 2014, our Design Team made a very creative greeting video although the idea came out suddenly.

All the processes were made manually by hand, then with hundreds of frame by frame picture were taken and edited to produce a very sophisticated video.

Here is the photo album of Behind The Scene. Enjoy! 🙂


blueblack close side color tony

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Internet First Aid for Android



In this edition we are going to continue our first aid tips for Internet Connection for Android platform. You can follow some steps below in order to activate your Wireless Connection.

Follow these steps to activate Wi-Fi on your Android phone:

1. At the Home screen, press the Menu soft button.

2. Choose Settings and then Wireless & Networks.

3. Choose Wi-Fi to place a green check mark by that option.

A green check mark indicates that the phone’s Wi-Fi radio is now activated.

The next step is to connect the phone to a Wi-Fi network. Your phone may be blessed with the Power Control widget or perhaps a specific Wi-Fi widget, which you may find affixed to the Home screen.

Touch the Power Control widget’s Wi-Fi button to turn on the phone’s Wi-Fi abilities.

To turn off Wi-Fi, repeat the steps. Doing so turns off the phone’s Wi-Fi access, disconnecting you from any networks. Using Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet doesn’t incur data usage charges. After activating the Wi-Fi radio on your Android phone, you can connect to an available wireless network. Heed these steps:

1. Press the Menu soft button while viewing the Home screen.

2. Choose Settings and then Wireless & Networks.

3. Choose Wi-Fi Settings.

You see a list of Wi-Fi networks displayed. If no wireless network is displayed, you’re sort of out of luck regarding Wi-Fi access from your current location.

4. Choose a wireless network from the list.

5. If prompted, type the network password.

Putting a green check mark in the box by the Show Password option makes it easier to type a long, complex network password. If the Wi-Fi network supports the WPS setup, you can connect by using the network PIN, pressing the connection button on the wireless router, or using whatever other WPS method is used by the router.

6. Touch the Connect button.

You should be immediately connected to the network. If not, try the password again.

When the phone is connected, you see the Wi-Fi status icon appear atop the touchscreen. This icon indicates that the phone’s Wi-Fi is on — connected and communicating with a Wi-Fi network.

We have completed our discussion about first aid for Internet Connection for iOs and Android. For our last edition next week, we are going to discuss troubleshooting tips for Windows and Mac user.

So wait our next edition about internet first aid for Mac and Windows. Continue reading…

Fast Outside – Healthy Inside

article picture di bagian atas buat judul


Last Monday on Morning Varnion, Mrs. Veronica as Business Operational Manager shared a brilliant topic about how to make your company fast and healthy.

Everything moves at such a fast pace and it is important to keep moving. As a company, it’s important to act fast. Act fast is essential but you should pay attention and understand to what happen inside your company or your team. Here’s the details:


1. How act fast?

  • Make a deadlines. When you face the deadlines, set a schedule for yourself and focus on your target. Always motivate yourself to get your work done on time.
  • The pressure is on. The pressure is good because it makes us stronger. Always do your best whatever happen, you will spend more energy than is needed.
  • Control your speed. Act fast is not the only way to get your job done. Know when you have to increase your work speed and when you have to slow it down. You must have a control and understand the rules so we can reach our goals on the right track.


2. Healthy corporate

Healthy corporate means that we have healthy business and healthy flow. How to make it?

  • Good SOP and Job description. Every company must have a standard operating procedures for every department. If a company don’t have a standardized procedure, how can an employee know if he’s doing something right or wrong? When the SOP works well in that company, it means that company is healthy.
  • Corporate Culture. A corporate culture indicate to shared values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs that describe members of an organization. A strong culture creates greater synergy and brings people together. Never assume anything and being defensive. Those will ruin the healthy business. Try to gather much information about something before assuming. Try to make more communication to your partner or your team because defensive behavior is one of the leading causes of on-going painful conflicts.

Those are important for company’s growth. Make sure that your team act fast and follow company standards and culture. Try to control and understand the problem and how to solve them. Those things will make company, your team, and of course yourself stronger. Be awesome.



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Varnioso Help Jakarta Flood Victims



Heavy rain over the last one week lead to floods in the capital city. Millions of people have been affected by the floods. Most of residents were evacuated to nearest evacuate area.

We as Varnioso concerned about their needs on evacuate area. Last Tuesday, we visited evacuate area in Attahiriyah Mosque, Tebet, South Jakarta. Varnioso arrived at 12 pm and it was very crowded. Based on data, there are 3.127 residents on that evacuation area. They are all Bukit Duri residents. Most of them need clothes, blanket, baby supplies, and foods for their daily needs. They will stay at evacuation area until their homes are safe enough.

We hope all materials that we gave will be useful for them to fulfilled their daily needs. Let’s make sure we all pray for the victim’s families & everyone. 🙂 Continue reading…