THE ADVENTURE (LIVE): Amazing 14 days at Bintan Island

This time

on Varnion adventure is Wi-Fi network implementation using outdoor device in one of the 10 ha resort at Bintan Island. Our team consists of 2 Varnioners senior wireless network engineer and 4 Varnioners wireless network engineer.


After landing

at Batam airport, we must quickly go to harbor to catch speed boat which departs at 10 am to Bintan Island. On the way to Bintan Island, the wave is raising and the speedboat begins to experience small leap. This is quite fun and pump up our adrenalin. We are amused by each other’s expression when facing the wave


After 45 minutes

travelling over the sea, we arrive at Bintan Island and there are already people waiting for us to take us to the Resort by car. Our day is completed by the journey through the air, sea and land.

45 minutes later

We arrive at the resort, and the resort’s IT manager already waiting for us. A Villa has been prepared for our accommodation. After that we’re gathering for lunch. As always, meal time is a part of our activity. We had seafood, specifically gonggong snail, which is the specialty from Bintan Island.

We also have a small briefing at lunch time, to refresh our mind with everything that has been discussed at the planning stage for our adventure. Lunch and small break that we have had recover our strength and mind and we’re ready to continue our adventure.

On the first day

at Bintan Island, we have planned to set backbone link but at that time the weather was a little bit cloudy. So we decided to scan the resort to make sure that all installation points are ready for installation and to make sure that all of the resort area covered by Wi-Fi signal.

After we almost done scanning the area, it began to rain and we quickly use the Buggy car to avoid the heavy rain. We have successfully safe from the heavy rain not long after we had arrived on the hotel at the resort area.


First night

we are having dinner at the resort; we enjoy the meal and chat with each other’s where we can feel the familial atmosphere over us.

The desserts had accompanied us when we have a briefing about the next days’ plan. Our target is to finish this project in 7 days. After briefing we are back to our Villa to have a good night sleep, so we can wake up with fit body for tomorrow’s battle.


The second day begins

the rain was started from the morning and we can say that day is very ineffective day. The rain was pouring over the whole resort’s area and it’s very annoying that the rain starts and stops at the bad timing. It stops when we prepare for installation, but it began raining many times until afternoon. So our adventure that day is delayed by the rain. We started to do briefing at night discussing about the rain problem that we face today and discuss our action plan in anticipating the rain problem. Our decision is to get ready starting from 6 am to begin earlier so we didn’t get delayed by the rain again.


The third day

started from 6 am. We split our team into 2 groups where the target is to finish backbone link. The equipment was placed on 3 towers with 80 m high for each tower. We realize there is slippery ladder-step so the personnel on duty cannot climb the ladder quickly.

After some time, the personnel in my team had succeeded to install the equipment and we communicate with other team on the other tower to set the first backbone link. Not long after that the backbone link was connected because we have prepared the radio link before the equipment installation on the tower so we only need to point it. Our third day also covered by the rain problem when we want to install the backbone link on the third tower and the rain continues until midnight.


The fourth day

our adventure continues with improving the backbone link where we make sure that the backbone link has been installed according to our standard. The weather is still not friendly and holds us from reaching our target, which is 14 days to finish the installation. We still try to give our best. So for the fourth day we only have done with the backbone link. For 18 access points which are spread around the resort we can finish the installation in 4 days. It means that we can finish the installation for the next 4 days. It is over 1 day from our initial plan, but we still satisfied because with Bintan’s weather which always raining we can still finish it.

On the ninth day

when we’re trying to integrate Wi-Fi internet system with the property management system (PMS) there’s a problem with the system. So we have to wait until tomorrow for the programmer team to solve the problem.

The tenth day

continues with integration of Wi-Fi internet system with the property management system (PMS) and the programmer team decided to not get rest until the root cause of the problem is found. And the next day, which is the eleventh day, it was found that there is incompatible equipment within the system. After meeting with the resort management it is decided that the resort doesn’t have to invest for the new equipment, because our programmer team has found the solution without having to replace the equipment. So on the twelfth day the Wi-Fi network is ready to be use and already integrated with the PMS.

After we’re doing the test for the system and Wi-Fi connection, the resort management is very satisfied with the result, which is full Wi-Fi network coverage for all of the resort area. Finally we can enjoy the last 2 days for recreation after the long adventure. Everyone is happy and as targeted on the fourteenth day all the works are done. We greet the IT resort’s team to go back to Jakarta and we are very proud of what we have done.

We have succeeded to implement the system to cover almost 80% of 10 ha resort area. What’s next?

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