Varnion Corporate Culture

PT. Varnion Technology Semesta believes that culture defines company and the culture that it fosters ensures its success. Core values are the real corporate culture that guides employee’s actions. Based on that believes Varnion create corporate culture in the working atmosphere as guideline for every member of Varnion to contribute their skills and knowledge to produce masterpiece product and service for Varnion.

Unlike most companies, where core values are just a plaque on the wall, our core values play a big part in how we hire, train and develop our employees. Varnion named the company culture as Varnion Corporate Culture or known as VCC. Varnion Corporate culture consists of six points. This article will explain each of those points.

VCC #1. Delivering WOW service to everyone.

It’s about always looking for new ways to WOW everyone we come in contact with. Varnion wants everyone to feel extraordinary satisfaction by not only give internet service but give WOW SOLUTION for the internet problems for our clients.

VCC #2. We are team and family.

It’s about buliding relationships where we treat each other like family. It’s about building a great teamwork. It’s about growth, both personal and professional. A body will not function perfection without good coordination on it parts, so does Varnion. Achieving the impossible with fewer people. Varnioso is working team in Varnion, their role and skills are the most important thing in Varnion.

VCC #3. Work with fun and madness.

To produce great work is to love what you do. When work with fun and madness you will make a fantastic life and create a wow experience. Life is short, so life should be enjoyed now. Enjoy every moment of your life including your work.

VCC #4. Satisfaction in innovation.

Discover your strength and weakness, take chances, learn and make something out of it, never satisfy and keep on developing something greater. Dare to take risks, and not being afraid to make mistakes. Have faith that if we do the right thing, then in the long turn we will succeed and build something great.

VCC #5. Becoming agent of changes.

To make this world a better place, let inspire people around us with our mindset and lifestyle to develop something greater. Varnioso living the Varnion brand by adopting the Varnion corporate culture into their lifestyle.

VCC #6. Be humble and glorify God.

Varnioso believe from humble beginnings, come great things. Everything in this world is given and should be return to God, so be thankful of it and always believe in Him.

Those are the pillars of every member of Varnion aka Varnioso.

VCC infographics

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