Fast Outside – Healthy Inside

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Last Monday on Morning Varnion, Mrs. Veronica as Business Operational Manager shared a brilliant topic about how to make your company fast and healthy.

Everything moves at such a fast pace and it is important to keep moving. As a company, it’s important to act fast. Act fast is essential but you should pay attention and understand to what happen inside your company or your team. Here’s the details:

1. How act fast?

    • Make a deadlines. When you face the deadlines, set a schedule for yourself and focus on your target. Always motivate yourself to get your work done on time.
    • The pressure is on. The pressure is good because it makes us stronger. Always do your best whatever happen, you will spend more energy than is needed.
    • Control your speed. Act fast is not the only way to get your job done. Know when you have to increase your work speed and when you have to slow it down. You must have a control and understand the rules so we can reach our goals on the right track.

2. Healthy corporate

Healthy corporate means that we have healthy business and healthy flow. How to make it?

  • Good SOP and Job description. Every company must have a standard operating procedures for every department. If a company don’t have a standardized procedure, how can an employee know if he’s doing something right or wrong? When the SOP works well in that company, it means that company is healthy.
  • Corporate Culture. A corporate culture indicate to shared values, attitudes, standards, and beliefs that describe members of an organization. A strong culture creates greater synergy and brings people together. Never assume anything and being defensive. Those will ruin the healthy business. Try to gather much information about something before assuming. Try to make more communication to your partner or your team because defensive behavior is one of the leading causes of on-going painful conflicts.

Those are important for company’s growth. Make sure that your team act fast and follow company standards and culture. Try to control and understand the problem and how to solve them. Those things will make company, your team, and of course yourself stronger. Be awesome.


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