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Hello Monday! After a fun crazy weekend, getting up early is a hard thing to do. It is admitted, however Varnioso acted the opposite this morning. We woke up early and arrived at the office on time. As soon as we arrived in the office, a warm savory smells tickling the whole room. Food! Yummy… 😀 The white big screen was up and colorful drinks are managed on the table. Yes, again we had an event going on, Morning Varnion.

Morning Varnion this time was all about deeper understanding of Varnion’s VCC number five which is Becoming Agent of Change. The back sound from James Bond’s movie kept playing endlessly while Varnioso in black dress code sat down on the cozy carpets. This event is one of our internal monthly event to make our bond as family even stronger.

Miss Rebecca, Varnion Marketing Communication Manager, lightened us up with six weapons that we must have on becoming a WOW agent of change. As written on the invitation that we should bring sticky notes, pen, open mind, and open heart, Varnioso also bring the madness.

When we heard “becoming agent of change”, we may visualize so many heroic actions that too good to be done. Actually, to be an agent of change we don’t need to do such an enormous action like saving the city, we just need to change our mindset to be more positive and apply them into real actions.

Short clips from movies in the presentation made the topic more interesting. Not only that, we were writing down our strengths, personal goals, and work goals on sticky notes. After that, we switched the notes with our partner and read it together. The purpose of this, of course is to support each other in reaching their goals. So we can remind our partner to keep on track and also maximize our work synergy.

A beautiful quote we love the most from this presentation is we create our own destiny, and we are responsible for our own life. So many things are easier said than done, aren’t they?  It seems urge us to choose whether to be a DOer or a DON’Ter, surely being a DOer is more beneficial in any ways. Don’t you agree?

Just like John Lennon once said, “If you wanna change the world, take a look at yourself and make a change.” So, are you ready to be a WOW agent of change like us? :D. (KT)

 Varnion Corporate Culture #5 “Becoming Agent of Change”








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Here is the infographic of Varnioso – Agent of Change –

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