Agent of Change

How many times you whine about your job in a day? The boss is too blunt. The colleagues are judgemental. The works are piled up. Then tiring days go on and on and on. But is it really about that?

We often seek for a perfect job that we are dreaming of every single time since we were in school. The easy job that pays a lot with good looking colleagues, amazing clients, and very flexible time. If only those kind of jobs were exist, unfortunately they are not. Your current job can be a perfect job for you if only you want to  make it as one with your own effort. As simple as it said, love what you do.

Yes, it does require a change. And trust us, we do exactly know to make a change is a hard thing to do. Isn’t that what makes it worth it? In Varnion it self, Varnioso are demanded and supported to keep dynamic life and keep changing to be better, as in VCC number five “Becoming Agent of Change”. Everybody has their own point for a change and definition for Agent of change. Curious with what Varnioso thinks? Here’s the report.  😀 (KT)

VCC#5 Becoming Agent of Change

Infographic Agent of Change

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