Morning Varnion


Did you know about Morning Varnion?

What makes you excited to come to the office? For most people who have been stuck in routine, having high motivation to work is not easy. Work life is totally different from college life. No more rules that we can disobey for fun, nor lectures to miss. No more game, just work. However, work life could be an interesting adventure if we can see it from different side. To compete with progressive innovation, we are required to be creative and always learning. One said, there is no limitation for people who wants to learn.

Amazingly shocking, self improvement seminars are cost very high. Just because the speakers are popular. Do we have to spent hundreds of dollars just to be able to learn this? Do only several people that deserve to get free seminars from the company? The answer is only one in Varnion, which is a NO. Always willing to learn is one of Varnion’s Corporate Culture. That is why Varnion has annual event: Morning Varnion.

Morning Varnion Pak Alex

What is more beneficial than a relax time with colleagues, pampered with tasty food and refreshing beverage, along with a future investment for freaking free. Yes, you are absolutely allowed to be jealous! As a growing creative technology company, Varnion is acredited as a WOW! Dedicating the greatest service to the clients, also share enormous love and care inside as a team and family, no exception.

What kind of event is Morning Varnion? We can call it a gathering, longer coffee time, a study group meeting, a sharing knowledge, discussions room, anything! You name it. The topic is always change every month, and the speakers also varies from internal. Uniquely, even the topic seems “heavy” and serious, the speakers are deliver it in easy way.

Not so many companies are agreed to shed some penny regularly for this kind of event, it may seem a waste of money and time, or even not important. On the contrary, there are also companies that believe an informal education like self-improvement for the employees is such a long term investment to give a greater result along with the improvement from the workers. So does happen to the employees, there are people who think this event won’t change a thing, while an open minded employees would think the other way around.

Currently we are living in the information age where mind, information and high technology are imperatives, it’s requires us to updated. It would be a good point to other companies to adopt this type of activity with some adaptation based on the needs of the company itself. It’s effective to create deeper effect on core values.

Thus, Varnioso have the rights to be grateful and proud. The only thing we need is only an open mind, so we could take ourselves to a new stage of life.

“Honestly, if Varnioso realize, Morning Varnion is a forum to sharing knowledge where we can receive more information and discuss about it in fun way. Very beneficial for ourselves, especially when we apply the knowledge into actions.” Mr. Leonardus Handy Gunawan as Vice President of Operational and Sales adds.

Yes indeed, the memories flashing by when all Varnioso gathered with dresscode, had an interactive discussion also strengthen the teamwork. It went more than crazy. (KT)

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