Varnionatic -15: Show Your WOW Performance and Art Creation


Do you still remember the fun in highschool when we had a competition against other classes? Where we were cheered to do a team work and create something as creative as possible to win. Wasn’t it fun to experience? In Varnion, that kind of fun is also exists. Another annual internal event that held once in three months, name Varnionatic. What is Varnionatic? It’s Varnion Fanatic. Ehhmm, what kind of fun was it?

Varnionatic 15

This Friday (23/5) Varnioso were all busy in their own station with the costumes, make up, and the scenario. After two more weeks full of hassle to created something from technology trash in our warehouse into something creative yet functional. Varnionatic this time was brag up about showing our WOW talent.

the crowds

Every division had been practicing to compete and win the prices. Played hide and seek so other teams didn’t know what would they presenting. While Miss Stella and Mr.Jerry opened the show, the crew was nervous. All the excitement and anxiety were melt into one. The opening show was a video captured from previous Varnionatic. We were cracked up into laughs.


Sales team turned out with the funky robot and acapella for the talent show as the first participant. If sales team has funky robot named Suka-suka, Product Management and IT Ninja made a frame with VCC list, Design team created a Varnion lamp and photo frame, Finance, Accounting and Tax (FAT) came with a giant ball, Human  Resource and General Affair brought us two chairs from the antenna and geekie robot, Purchasing feat Logistic team presented us a batik lantern, monitoring came up with laptop table, and last Billing and BOT presented us a clock.

performance SAles

Performance PM dan IT Ninja

Perform Design dan Qajoo

Performance Purchasing and Warehouse


Monitoring Ubay Stand Up Comedy 2

performance HR GA

performance Billing dan BOT

The judges are Varnion Operational Commitee known as VOC (Mr. Leonardus, Miss Ika, and Mrs. Heny) were giving many questions when the team elaborated how these creations happened. Hard time for the judges indeed. It reached the peak when all the teams performed their talents. From parody of a music show, parody through centuries to find the best internet connection, stand up comedy, to magician show.

the judges

Which team do you think gonna win? Marketing communication team? Of course… no! :p After all the calculation, the winners are Finance Accounting and Taxes (FAT) team for the WOW talent with their awesome DJ, dance, and magician performance. Billing and BOT won the Art Creation with their amazing clock. It costs only 20.000 rupiah to bought the clock machine. Further, Mrs. Veronica showed up as best costume winner (again!).

Winner Art Creation

Best Costume

Talent Show Winner

Even though not every team won, but all Varnioso were madly happy. After this crazy circumstances at work with matters piled up, we are still supported to be creative, innovative, and got presents. Suit with our Varnion Corporate Culture #3: Work with Fun and Madness. We closed the event with chicken Cordon bleu. Yummyyyy! What a wonderful Friday that was.  (KT)

Winner of WOW Art Creation

Art Creation of PM and IT Ninja

Art Creation of Design and Qajoo

Art Creation of HR GA

Art Creation of HR GA 2

Art Creation of FAT 2

Art Creation of FAT

Art Creation of Sales Hospitality

Art Creation of Purchasing and Warehouse

Art Creation of MarComm

Art Creation of Monitoring

Panitia Varnionatic-15

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