Facebook Login: Build Your Mobile Marketing through Social Media

The growth of mobile users are crazily fast. As the consequence of this phenomenon, the demand of internet connection availability also getting higher. Not only availability that matters, the speed and the stability from the connection also become a bold point. Wi-Fi connection is no more a prideful and exclusive facility, but a mandatory for every hospitality business. No wonder we can find it almost everywhere we go, even in a shuttle bus. It defines the credibility offers for consumers.

The more people online the more responsive and critical they are. Shown by a large reviews number on websites about service or quality of a place. TripAdvisor for instance, has rating for the internet connection on every hotel, restaurant, café reviews. It is absolutely a big risk and could affect the business growth.

Even just about the complementary facility such as internet in the hotel, restaurant, café or even aircraft, could be a big matter. Once bad review goes viral then more people avoid to go there or use their service. Especially people these days keep the gadget lingers even on holiday. No matter what they do, they barely put the phone down, no exception where they are. Admitted that even Wi-Fi in restaurant has a big impact of the customer numbers.

Using a good internet service provider is the only option to solve this issue. In this competition of course you have to choose the best partner (ISP), reasonable bandwidth, good service, and other plus points. Undeniable good quality ISP will cost pretty high, make sure to check is it worth the value.

Our latest invention, Facebook Login doesn’t cost you more or free. It simply cut the marketing budget with greater impact. How it works then?

With Facebook Login everyone that about using Wi-Fi has to login with their Facebook account, there will be posted that this person connected to Wi-Fi at this place. Their friends will see it, also attracts the attention from them. Imagine if there are many people one by one, share the location where they use the Wi-Fi, it will make other curious. It has the same effect like word of mouth.

Further, with our Facebook Login the IT Administrator also able to track what kind of gadget the customers use, how often, how many users, and so on. This standard facility post to wall via Facebook Login is included for all Varnion’s customers with terms and condition apply. Isn’t it a great deal? The customers are happy with the service, you can manage the usage of the internet bandwidth. One solution, solve the hassle, a WOW result. What are you waiting for, the future of mobile marketing now is in your reach.

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