Onboarding Varnion Culture

After long selection and interview process, we chose some people that have potential, talent, and passion which meets our standard. As a first ammunition from us to our new employees, we always give them a week for training. The training itself is designed and planned to be fun but contented. Don’t you curious what we call fun training?

For a week, all the new employees will be assisted by Rio from HRD. He will give many information about Varnion Corporate Culture, introduction, rules and regulations, basic knowledge of the company, scrum and art performance.

Further, new Varnioso will get a date session with Marketing Communication manager about Varnion Communication Guidelines, also a jamming with General Affair Coordinator about office rules, then Varnionizm from Varnionizm Team.

The most fun material is Scrum. Training session where all the new Varnioso are demanded to be able to build a great team work and knock down a project. For the training week, scrum project is involving papers and creativity. The scrum team will decide who is going to be the scrum master, and how the project will be executed. For instance, we delegated them to create a zoo from paper with high concept.

Over all, the purpose of Varnion training week is to give the best preparation both knowledge and mental to adapt with Varnion work rhythm. As a creative and innovative ISP company, Varnion wants to maximize the talent of chosen people, let them grow and upgrade in here, along the growth WOW performance of Varnion. We want them to know, we give them freedom that they should exploited but with responsible and smart.  (KT)


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