Varnion CSR Ramadhan 2014

Ramadhan is a month full of blessings, that’s why Varnion is took a part in this special moment this year. CSR Ramadhan 2014, Varnion together with Muslimin Jaya foster house gathered to breakfasting and sharing with gratitude, 21st July 2014.

Opened by inspiring sharing from Mr. Leo Handy Gunawan about why work is a source of blessing, followed by heart touching story from Mrs. Heny Setiawan, plus full spirited short activity from Ms. Ika Ahyani.  They are three awesome people known as VOC (Varnion Office Committee) in Varnion’s big family.

VOC Sharing in Varnion CSR Ramadhan 2014

The fun was not ended there, we also interacted in a game Varnioso vs foster children from Muslimin Jaya foster house, even though Varnioso lost we had so much fun in the game. Further, some of them confidentally entertained us with shalawat and sang memorable songs for all of us.

Varnioso Giving Presents to foster children from Muslimin Jaya foster house

To close this precious moment, Varnion gave a donation to help the education fee, complimenter stuff, and of course personal gift to every children.

Sharing is caring, for sure it’s more than words in heart.

Donation from Varnion

Varnioso Fun Moment Celebrating CSR Ramadhan

Varnioso Celebrating CSR Ramadhan 2014

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