5 Ways Varnion BYOD Solutions Will Help IT Performance

5 Ways Varnion BYOD Solutions Will Help IT Performance

The consumerization of BYOD has been shifted the IT culture so that the users are the ones getting the latest information, cutting edge technologies first, and they want to bring those devices to work. Nowadays traveller also consume this trend, which is not something new in the hospitality industry. A hotel guest can bring 2-3 or more devices.  IT management team that wasn’t handling the connected devices, has to change the mindset to aware that traffic usage from all the devices may create problems.

BYOD History

BYOD was mentioned for the first time in 2005 by Ubicomp. In 2009 BYOD entered the courtesy of Intel. Moreover, in 2011 IT service providers started to share their perceptions of this emergent trend.

Especially when we entered the post PC era, Steve Jobs once said, “We don’t think the PC is dying at all. We don’t think that the PC is moving from the center at all. We think it’s evolving just like it has since it was invented in 1975-76.” As the result, new generation and smarter PC is invented and produce post PC era products, such as smart phone, tablet, and notebook.



90% of BYOD activites are comprised of email, calendar, shopping, banking & social – Forbes.

38% of those say no WiFi is a deal breaker will book elsewhere – Hotel Chatter.

94% of people cite WiFi as the most important amenity – Hotel Chatter.

BYOD in Hospitality Industry

Imagine when a big meeting with 2000 participants that being held at the hotel where you work in? When all the participant brought their gadgets to maximize the meeting absorbance, here were averagely two gadgets for each person. (I.e. mobile phone, tablet, laptop). For rough calculation there were around 4000 devices that being used. Of course they will accessing the networking that you have. What could be worse than?

What would happen if the office network is not separated with guest network? It will increase complain from the guest hotel in long term impact, will decreases customer satisfaction and ruin the hotel reputation.

The new technology brought some new option like TV cable, CCTV, printer even absency system, all are connecting by office network. The latest, BYOD term is being a new trend that dynamically changing.

Network is like a house, if you don’t know what devices are passing through your network, it’s such a shameful. 

BYOD Problem

1. The devices that connect to the network are uncontrollable.

2. Data usage is exploded without control.

3. High risk of security breach or data stolen.

4. Virus and malware and Trojan threatening even more.

5. Device loss: Data theft, there with BYOD, when a device lost or stolen, corporate emails & business data is lost too.

MDM or Mobile Device Management is needed to control the mobile devices and bandwidth, network segmentation, and device management.

Varnion BYOD solution fixes the device management from those threats above:

1. Simplify Network Access & Segmentation Management

Control the mobile devices that can access the  network. You can even restricting network access to managed mobile devices from office inventory network, not only that you can also manage how far and much network can access.

Easily setting the network segmentation. I.e. hardware like printer can be chose whether has to connect to the internet or not. Laptop and computer get into the right network, for office or public.


2. Analyze Network Activity

See how many BYOD clients have been connected, measure the bandwidth they’ve used, and even see their percentage of total traffic.

3. Device Tracker.

In case, there are mobile devices that lost or stolen, you can trace of the location of the lost or stolen devices.

4. Perform Remote Lock & Wipe.

For instance, the Marketing Manager is in a meeting out of town, but suddenly there is a problem with the laptop, the IT administrator can fix this problem by accessing the laptop from the office.

Not only that, the IT administrator can also be able to remote wiped the lost devices or locked to save the data. It will saves all company’s confidential data.

5. Secure Apps and Data.

Integrated network access control prevents unmanaged devices from spreading viruses on the network. Moreover, these are some mandatory application and software for inventory devices. To make it easier in long term, avoiding double work at the same time, our BYOD system programs an auto install and update.

Over all, IT administrator has many problems to be fixed on site and other work that need a quick solution. With a limited time and place, don’t you think you need a system that provides secure, reliable, headache-free BYOD network –100% integrated, without adding cost complexity?

Don’t spend valuable time and money worrying about your network, when VARNION’s technology has you covered . 

For more info of Varnion BYOD Solution contact our marcomm@varnion.com

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