Varnion Christmas Charity Event 2014

Varnion Christmas Charity Event 2014 at YPD Rawinala

Dwituna Education Foundation Rawinala or Yayasan Pendidikan Dwituna (YPD) Rawinala founded since 1973, got an early Christmas presents from PT. Varnion Technology Semesta on Christmas Day December 19, 2014.

Ibu Tini (Kepala YPD Rawinala) menerima sumbangan Natal secara simbolik dari Ibu Heny (perwakilan dari Varnion)

Each year Varnion always do social charity on holidays. This time with the headline “Varnion Berbagi”, Mrs. Heny as Varnion’s representatives gave social contribution and donation to Mrs. Tini, as the Head of YPD Rawinala.

YPD Rawinala serves education for 28 Tunanetra Ganda, which is a condition of two or more disabilities, mainly is the vision (blindness or low vision). This is why with this type of disability, they are having difficulties on getting education in Extraordinary School (Sekolah Luar Biasa), where this institute only serves one kind of disabilities.

Although they have lack of vision, it doesn’t mean that they can’t show their talent in music and singing, praise the God, especially in the recent Christmas events.





Celebrating Varnion Christmas Day with YPD Rawinala begins with praise and worship, followed by preaching by Varnion Director, Alexander Budiman, quoting scripture from Romans 1: 1-5. This was followed by a public event giving Christmas gifts to persons with Tunanetra Ganda treated in YPD Rawinala. Christmas celebration was closed with prayer and dine together.






VIDEO: Varnion Christmas Charity Event 2014

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