The Importance of Self-Evaluation

First few weeks of a new year  are the right time and opportunity to reflect your strengths and weaknesses, to start forming habits that can benefit yourself and the company you work for. As the Director of Varnion, Alexander Budiman thinks that self-evaluation is quite a significant part of business or personal success. Here are his thoughts about self-evaluation that he shared on Varnion’s internal event, Morning Varnion, early this year.

Entering a New Year 2015, many people have a new hope. But, I found a lot of people who were disappointed and didn’t have any hopes. Some people skeptical, but some are trying to do new things, to make a resolution and do something new in 2015.

Some people are consistent, strong enough, discipline to themselves, and success to get what they want. On the other hand, some people don’t have those qualities and all their wishes just pass away.

The fact are, many people have a resolution but after time passed, they began to be inconsistent, they started hanging out with friends who don’t have any purpose or goals in their life, and at the end they realize  none of their goals are achieved.

Why is this keep on happening? Because we never do an evaluation. Because evaluation is painful. We aren’t ready with negative things happen to our life. When we do not evaluate, we can’t reach our wish or goals.

One of the fundamental things in business or personal succeed is a mature strategy planning. You can’t build a new plan without evaluating the performance of your business in the previous year. Similar to our lives, you can’t make a plan for your life if you didn’t evaluate yourself.

We are still at the first week of the New Year. It’s never too late to start a self-evaluation, if you haven’t done it in 2014. Write it down, what are your achievements in 2014. Match them with resolutions you’ve made for 2014. Be honest to yourself about the percentage number of your achieved 2014 resolutions.

Identify your weaknesses and then how to handle them. Focus on how to leverage your strength. Think and write down a real solution what you should do to make a real changes in 2015. By conducting a self-evaluation, you are one step closer to success. Head up 2015 with a spirit of innovation and commitment to deliver WOW service to everyone.

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