Why Your Reaction To Things Determine Your Future

Entering the fourth week in January 2015, Jakarta faces a continuous rain. This continuous rain has made us stuck in traffic for hours and not a few whose meeting delayed due to waiting their colleagues or client stuck in traffic for the same reason.

In those waiting moments our mind wandered about “What I’ve achieved so far”, “What have I done”, “How this meeting will going”,How my business will evolve this year”, and so on. Check out Varnion Director, Alexander Budiman’s thought about how to react to our self-evaluation.

If we want to see 2015 as a breakthrough year, first we have to see the truth that had happened in 2014. By doing a self-evaluation in our lives, we will find the truth. There are two possibilities that will happen after we face the truth:

1. If we accept the truth, then the truth will set us free. Introspect ourselves.

2. But the truth can destroy us if we can’t accept it.

This is the important part. Evaluation will give us the truth, what went wrong, which one is succeeded and which is not. Don’t be afraid with problems; don’t be afraid to make mistakes. There are still hopes for the future.  When we react positively, we take the truth as a challenge. How we react to what happened matters, and that attitude will shape our future in 2015.

It will be useless if we have a lot of money but failed in management. Varnion has entered its sixth anniversary, I think we already did a good job. But that’s not enough. We must do more.

Being a relentless optimist, I’m sure with people like you, we can face 2015 better, and stronger. Who wouldn’t want to be remembered as the person that has done their part so well to make the company grows fast? If you want to see your company achieve double revenue, you must fight for it. Because it is not depend on me, it is up to you.

Let’s make Varnion big, I don’t need to make myself bigger. I just need to see Varnion grows. That will be my satisfaction. Make something big in our lives, that is my purpose. Make something cool and amazing. When you make Varnion big, then you’ll be an Entrepreneur.

If you haven’t written your purpose of life, better write it down now. Find out what is your work purpose? Why are you working in this company?  You do your part, God will do His part, then 2015 will be a breakthrough year for all of us.

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