Morning Varnion with MFBTI

Last Monday, March 2nd, 2014, Morning Varnion was held at Varnion Headquarter, Jakarta, with guest speakers from the trainers of MFBT (Military Fitness Basic Training) Indonesia, Sgt. Elberlino Tiwa (Elbert) and Mr. Astoriano R. Tiwa (Rino). Military Fitness Basic Training is Jakarta Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp. Based on the United State Military/Marine Corps physical training regiment, Basic training offers Civilian-friendly, fun and challenging fitness program perfect for all fitness levels.

Last month 61 Varnion men employees (a.k.a. Varnioso) joined Varnionatic Military Camp (VMC). VMC was divided into two batches.

The talk show MC, Mrs. Ayu and Mr. Safa asked about Sgt. Elbert and Mr. Rino’s childhood, how Sgt. Elbert got into the United States Marine Corps and finally how they, as brothers built MFBT Indonesia.

Sgt. Elbert and Mr. Rino also shared their experiences during training Varnioso in VMC. There were a lot of fun, full of laugh and unforgettable moments. After that the MC open the Q & A session, where Varnioso can asked questions directly to Sgt. Elbert and Mr. Rino about fitness and health.

At the end of the show Sgt. Elbert and Mr. Rino received a Certificate of Appreciation and Varnion T-Shirt for having trained 61 Varnioso on Varnionatic Military Camp.

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