Varnionatic Military Camp Testimonials (Men) Part II

The following are some of the testimonies part II from those who have followed the Varnionatic Military Camp (VMC) 1st Batch and 2nd Batch, and those who received a reward from the trainers.

Fahlevi Satria, Varnion Tax Team, who joined the 1st Batch, learned that teamwork and responsibility are very important. He also said that we have to work to follow the due date and to complete our work in accordance with the deadline.

Tony - Varnion Chief Design Officer

Tony – Varnion Chief Design Officer

“If you want your work to be great, you must have a great team work, you can’t be individualistic anymore, so that the vision and mission of the company can work well. Furthermore you have to care with your office environment,” said Tony, Varnion Chief Designer, who joined the 2nd Batch.

Danang - Varnion Logistics

Danang – Varnion Logistics

“I think, as a team, we have to know each other really well, help each other and discipline in our work,” said Danang, Varnion Logistics, who joined the 1st Batch. Danang received a reward as the longest person who held half push-up position among 30 participants on the 1st Batch.

Jerry - Varnion Chief Logistics Officer

Jerry – Varnion Chief Logistics Officer

“All the teams that joined Varnionatic Military Camp had a mental warrior. I do believe that we are able to meet the target as long as we have great control and great leadership,” said Jerry, Head of Varnion Logistics, who joined the 2nd Batch, he received a reward as a leader of the most concerned about his team.

During the training there are some Varnioso that fell to ill, but they kept following all the training programs until the end, such as Guruh and Wijna who joined the 2nd Batch. Both of them received a reward for their determination and persistence to not give up and keep the fight until the end.

Guruh - Varnion Hospitality Sales

Guruh – Varnion Hospitality Sales

“Don’t limit ourselves. Our minds sometimes limit our action, the fact is we can go further than we thought. Other things that can be implemented in our work area, great teamwork, discipline and avoid the slightest mistake possible, because all these things determine our success,” said Guruh, Varnion Sales Hospitality Bali.

Wijna - Varnion Engineering On Site

Wijna – Varnion Engineering On Site

“When I was lying sick in the tent. Mr.Rino came and said to me ‘It’s all in your head, what you feel right now is only in your mind. Believe that you can get through this. You have done the hard part, what comes next is easy compared to what you have done. So don’t give up just yet.‘ After that I’m able to join back. His words became my motivation to follow the VMC ’till the end and until now I still remember well. I can apply what Mr.Rino said in my daily work. All the things that I think are the obstacles in carrying out my duty exists only in my minds, I should not give up so easily in this task. ”

Trainers from MFBT Indonesia-01

The principles and values of the Marine Corps, which are taught by the trainers from MFBTI in VMC has changed the mindset of the sixty-one participants. With honor, courage and commitment the sixty-one participants are able to do the right thing when no one is looking, to act responsibly, and successfully pass the training program.

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