Varnionatic Military Camp Testimonials (Men) Part I

Varnion recently held Varnionatic Military Camp (VMC)  followed by 61 Varnion men employees (a.k.a. Varnioso). VMC was divided into two batches. Semper Fidelis, the Marine Corps motto, guides Varnioso to remain faithful to their job, to each other, and to the company. In addition to the Semper Fidelis, the Marine Corps also embrace the phrase Ductos Exemplo, “to lead by example”.

The trainers look for participants who display self-reliance, discipline and responsibility. Desire and motivation to lead others by example are deciding factors in a team member’s success. The following are some of the testimonies of those who have followed the Varnionatic Military Camp and those who received a reward from the trainers.

Jody Badin - Varnion Support Bali

Jody Badin – Varnion Support Bali

Jody Badin, Varnion Support Bali, received a reward as the strongest participant in the 2nd Batch. According to Jody there are a lot of things he learned from VMC, here are the following details:

1. Discipline: “I learned that there is time for work, for pray, and for everything. We have to use it wisely, and we obey our commander’s rules and to behave according the rules.”

2. Responsibility: “I learned to be responsible in doing my job”.

3. Hygiene: “I learned that I have to keep my clothes clean, the place that I stayed and worked, and also keep my body and soul clean”.

4. Togetherness: “VMC teaches me how beautiful is togetherness. To be together working as a team, it increased our sense of belonging.”

5. Sportsmanship: “Last, I learned that we should have an honest attitude, and dare to admit others superiority and willing to accept defeat”.

Vicky - Varnion Support Jakarta

Vicky – Varnion Support Jakarta

The second strongest position awarded to Vicky, Varnion Support Jakarta, who join the 2nd Batch. “Solidarity is one of the most striking value that I learned from VMC. Sgt. Fitrah always said ‘Corsa Soul’, which means the burden is shared. Where there is a mistake, regardless who is wrong, better to fix our self first, without judging each other. This is not about who is wrong or who is can’t, but it is about who doesn’t know yet and haven’t tried. You are not unable to do, you just have to figure it out.”

Syawal - Varnion Junior Provisioning

Syawal – Varnion Junior Provisioning

Syawal, Varnion Junior Provisioning, one of the participants from 2nd Batch received a reward for his tenacity to follow the training without complaining or showing frown face. “In VMC, I learned when there are team members who are weak or need help, we don’t have to wait for them to ask helped, but we have to be alert to immediately help them. In my personal work I also learn how to choose priorities. Moreover to minimize errors, as a member of the team it is important for us to carry out the orders from our leader. Just focus on the course, don’t care about other distractions.”

Anton and Teguh, both are Varnion Monitoring Team, who joined the 1st batch. Both of them received a reward because during the training they did not shown frown faces or complaint, they perform all tasks well. Both of them conclude that the VMC makes them learn to not give up and in order to achieve the purpose of the work, they have to be consistent with the good working rhythm, discipline, and must have a good spirit in the work.

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