Varnionatic Military Camp (Man)

Varnionatic Military Camp (VMC) is one of the forms of Varnion Capacity Building program that designed to arm Varnioso (a.k.a. Varnion employees) with discipline, honour, courage and commitment, so they can work better together and achieve target. VMC began in 2015, was trained by Sergeant Elberlino Tiwa (Elbert), Mr. Astoriano R. Tiwa (Rino), and Sergeant Mohammad Fitrah from MFBT (Military Fitness Basic Training) Indonesia.

VMC were divided in two batches. 1st Batch was held on January 31st 2015 until February 1st 2015, at Dusun Bambu Resort Lembang, Bandung. The 1st Batch was followed by 30 man. The 2nd Batch was held on February 6th 2015 until February 7th, 2015 at Everest Valley Camp Megamendung Bogor. 31 participants followed the 2nd Batch. Varnioso Bandung and Bali that participates in VMC was flown for the sake of participation in this activity.

MFBTI is Jakarta Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp. Based on the United States Marines Corps physical training regiment, Basic training that offers Civilian-friendly, fun and challenging fitness program perfect for all fitness levels.

Marines are strategic warriors with training, judgment and character the entire United States can depend on. The Marine Corps concept of “Commander’s Intent” ensures every Marine has a clear understanding of their commander’s desired objective and the latitude to take the best course of action to accomplish it. Without doubt, MFBTI brings a whole new experience for all Varnioso that attend the VMC to applied in their work.

The MFBTI trainers gave the forces usual form of physical training applied by the elite United States Marine Corps, and also exercise such as running, push ups, sit ups, and squats. Not only that, they even gave the training techniques of self-defence, some training that related to teamwork and team building like putting together a puzzle and team weight race.

Although there were some Varnioso who fell ill during the activity, but they got up back to follow and complete the training program. In the end all 61 participants passed the training. The VMC were closed with the use of a symbolic passing of the dress and the participants proudly received its charter MFBTI participation.

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