Varnion, 9 Years and Counting!


Do you know that moment in time where you sit back and think of all of the things you’ve done and achieve for the last several years?

Starting ahome-based business selling hardwarein 2006 until 2007, after 2 years Varnion then started to step foot in the Internet Service Provider world in 2008 and rent out a 20 m2 office space in Cyber building Jakarta, and open a branch office in Bandung.

With no stop of efforts in improving the network and infrastructure, by 2009 Varnion has spread it wings and set up another branch in Denpasar, Bali.  A year later Varnion came up with traffic control innovation in the system feature and expand the 20 m2 office space to 335 m2.

To maintain the best quality of work delivered to the clients, Varnion have had more people on board, from both technical support and back office team. By the mid of 2013, the Varnion family expansion forced the management to again increase the office space to the total of 700 m2.

Varnion spent the 2013 – 2014 time to polish the people. As a company with great corporate culture and values, Delivering WOW service to everyone cannot be done without having everyone on the same ship. Trainings and seminars were held and taken to assure the expertise quality of Varnion people.

Times flies, Varnion has reached it’s 9 years of age this 2015. We truly believe we won’t be able to grow this big and this long without the trust and loyalty of our customers. 9 years and we are still head over heels thinking of more new innovation that we can offer the world, improving the quality of our network and internet speed and still keeping up our excellent level in support and service system in order to fulfill the need and demand of our clients.

When we talk about Internet Service Providers, yes we should talk about internet and services, but not with Varnion. Because we are not just an Internet Service Provider, we are the Internet Solution Provider. We offer you the whole package of the product and services that you need. We are not just an ISP, we are Varnion.

9 years and counting. Hello world here we come and expanding!

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