Welcoming 2016 Like A Rapper

Wednesday (01/20/2016), Morning Varnion event with theme “Rap” as well as the celebration to welcome the new year 2016 was very lively. Located in Varnion head office Jakarta, the event was attended by all Varnioso (name for Varnion’s employees) that came with the appearance of rapper star style.

The event began with Morning Varnion sharing by Mr. Leonardus Handy Gunawan as Varnion Office Committtee. He gave inspiration  through a video about how Conor McGregor with all preparations, vision and confidence, McGregor able to defeat the defending champion UFC just in a short time. Through this story, he said that key in facing this whole year ahead are firstly visualize and prepare all plans to achieve your vision. He also added that there is “sowing and reaping” formula in life. “If we sow happiness, then we will also reap happiness. If we feel we need to go forward, we must encourage and embrace others to jointly move forward. We also have to use time wisely.” said Mr. Leo.

Sharing by Mr.Leo

Sharing by Mr.Leo

After the sharing session, the event continued with a symbolic procession to welcome 2016 led by the leaders and followed by all varnioso by lifting drinks and having “cheers and high-fives” together.

Cheers led by leaders

“Cheers and High-fives” led by leaders

As the top of Morning Varnion event and in accordance with the theme, we held motivational rap competition. Teams who participated in the competition were Varnion team from Jakarta, Bali and Bandung. Each team dressed like a rapper and sang a song with motivational lyrics for one minute.

Rap Contest Participants

Rap Contest Participants

Each team was able to show their maximum performance, they showed hilarious and creative stage act  and able to entertain the audience and the judges obviously. The end of the event was filled with announcement and awarding to the winners for rap and photo contest. Congratulations to ‘Jakarta 1’  team (Nadya-HRD, Aqodama-Engineer, Citra- XCT, Toni-Design) as the first winner and ‘Jakarta 5’team (Ari-GA, Bobby-NCCS, Olin-Billing, Gina-XCT) as the runner up of motivational rap competition.

Jakarta 1 As The 1st Winner of Rap Competition

Mrs. Vero Awarding Jakarta 1 As The 1st Winner of Rap Competition

Jakarta 5 As Runner Up of Rap Competition

Jakarta 5 As Runner Up of Rap Competition

Also congrats to the winners of the photo contest, Agung Hartono from Engineer Division as the winner for the best photo category, Nesa from BO division as the winner for “Terniat” category and Toni from Design Division as the winner for “Tergokil” category.

Agung As The Winner of Best Photo Category

Agung, The Winner of “Best Photo” Category

Nesa As The Winner of Photo Contest for

Nesa, The Winner of Photo Contest for “Terniat” category

Toni As The Winner of Photo Contest for

Toni, The Winner of Photo Contest for “Tergokil” category

See you later in the next Morning Varnion 🙂


The Varnioso in Morning Varnion, Varnioso Morning Varnion, Wednesday (20/01/2016)

The Varnioso in Morning Varnio, Wednesday (20/01/2016)

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