As the time goes by, the development  of technology and the support of internet turn into something that cannot be separated from human life. Technology plays important role in alleviating our daily work, especially there are a lot of offers from different types of gadgets with unlimited internet access which has now established trend and lifestyle.

With the internet services, the social communication process begin to change from offline to online. This can be reinforced by the growth of internet users and social media globally. According to the latest data from August 2015, We Are Social as a marketing agency stated that active Internet users worldwide has now reached $ 3.17 billion.  From year to year, the number of Internet users grow to about 7.6 percent. This also leads to the growth of social media and mobile users. According to the same report, an active social media users has now reached 2.2 billion, while mobile users reached 3.7 billion.


In Indonesia, based on the research by Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia (APJII) in collaboration with the University of Indonesia PusKakom recorded that there are 88.1 million active internet users, growing to 16.2 million from 71.9 million, or in other words there’s about 34 , 9% penetration The majority of internet users are those aged 18-25 years with the main reason surfing in cyberspace is  to open the following social networks for the purpose of seeking information and online conversations.


Those fantastic numbers  indicate that there’s a high interest toward the presence of internet from the society, including some business who also take advantage from the internet services to advance business itself.

Internet and online communication actually has many advantages and benefits, such as wide-ranging information access and the communication process between one and another occurs real-time and instant  so that everyone can be connected even though in different time and place. However,  just as the proverb says  “there is no ivory that isn’t cracked” that’s how the existence of the internet which is not free from any controversy. Like a double-edged sword, the benefits brought by the Internet can actually pose a threat. For example, the threat of negative contents  spread widely, whether it is pornography, provocation, gambling. Not to mention there are many crimes that occur as a result of interaction in online media such as the case of privacy violation, prostitution, human trafficking and even online sexual abuse.

These threats impacts not only about a child’s growth, but also for the public system itself.  Internet is actually good, but in the end we  need an attitude to face this dilemma. One of the programs initiated by  Information and Communication Technology Community  also supported by the government in solving this case by sounding the ” Healthy and Safe Internet / DNS (Internet/DNS Sehat) ” program.

What is “Healthy and Safe Internet”? Well, this is a national program to socialize the use of the internet in a healthy and safe way for all people so that benefits of internet give more positive influences and add value in various aspects of life.  Digital literacy and cyber-ethics  should be delivered in depth for all internet users, children and parents.

Another thing that often related to the interaction of virtual world is sometimes a ‘status update’ of someone  can bother others that result  defamation cases. Therefore, it is right if nowadays many campaigns about “The Golden Rule” for surfing in cyberspace as “Wise While Online, Think Before You Post”. The campaign is directed internet users to become a user who is psychologically mature and wise . Users should be able to sort out which things are not fair and reasonable in live online communication. Why? Because of the principle of online communication which is also the basic principles of communication itself  is “once a message or words that you have said, it will not ever be withdrawn”.  In cyberspace which  has viral features such as download, share and re-tweet which is when you post the words, video, or images that are not supposed to, others out of your personal life can disseminate it and you will not be able to control the number of your post clones in cyberspace, not to mention the level of cyber-bullying is getting higher today.

Related to a complex process of online communication that’s why the internet users should take a wise attitude for building interactions in cyberspace. When the government and the community and society together care toward the healthy internet program, such as ICT Watch in giving well literature for both materials and has tried to intensify the positive values ​​of the internet through socialization. Then, the realization of the nation toward smart in utilizing the technology will be more easily achieved if the business sector as well contributed to this issue, particularly for companies with internet service providers, namely ISP.

Varnion as one of the ISP in Indonesia realized that the implementation of healthy internet is part of responsibilities. With a portfolio of business in the field of internet network,  to be certain ISPs have the capacity to limit the negative content that does not suit with the legislation, moral, social, and customs of the nation also ensure the security of access from harmful content just like malware and phishing.

Therefore, in order to support the government’s program for the implementation of the “Internet Sehat” in Indonesia and in accordance with the legislation set out in Article 21 of Law No. 36 year 1999 about Telecommunications Surat Edaran Dirjen Postel 1598 / SE / DJPT.1 / Kominfo / 7/2010, also related to this year theme “Play Your Part for A Better Internet”, as one of ISPs, Varnion participate by providing filtering media in the company’s internal DNS so the client’s internet access is already selected. With clients which is in business sector with a high-demand for internet access, Varnion continually strive to reduce the risks that may occur, especially to maintain the security of client access while connected to internet network to avoid malware or phishing. Varnion is very open if there’s a report about website domains that are considered as detrimental to many parties and we will immediately block and keep update the latest information from the government.

Basically, internet is like a white canvas which is then filled with black ink on it, so that its presence is not to blame, but the users themselves  are the one who suppose to be wise in using internet for a positive purpose. The Internet is a source of knowledge provides wealth  information to support the activities of people.  Internet should become a media to improve the quality of ourself. Someone who are wisely in using internet, of course they will absorb a lot of knowledge and can even be a media to run and advance  the business,  in spite of the misuse that information technology can threaten the integrity of a person. Therefore anyone let’s remember THE GOLDEN RULE:  “Wise While Online, Think Before You Post!”

Happy Safer Internet Day ^^

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