Varnion Adventure 2016

On 29 April 2016, Varnion organized an internal company outing named Varnion Adventure 2016. To have some different atmosphere from the previous outing event, the committee held a special pre-outing event inspired by famous TV show Amazing Race. In this event, before all Varnioso heading to the outing location they have to crack some trivia and the winner were awarded by the type of vehicle they got. The first winner was given some privilege to use online taxi while the other team has to use buses and trains. The entire event of Varnion Adventure 2016 was prepared by the committee and Varnioso was not given any information about the outing place, they only been given the list of supplies they might need for this outing.

On the next day with a lot of curiosity, finally all Varnioso went to a place that has been prepared by the committee where is located at the BRC (Banten Rafting Ciberang). With so much enthusiasm, after they arrived to the BRC varnioso was prepared to start rafting and rushes down the river to do rafting. In the end, after the implementation of the Varnion Adventure 2016 they were thrilled with  lots of unforgettable moments together. Based on the testimonials given by some Varnioso, Varnion Adventure 2016 is very affected in the hearts of the varnioso and it makes all Varnioso closer to each other and motivate them to be able to cooperate better.

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