Varnion Buka Bersama 2016

Ramadhan is a good month to celebrate togetherness and through this opportunity, Varnioso aims to strengthen its relationship towards each other. On June 24, 2016, Varnion held this fast-breaking activity with fellow Varnioso’s at Diradja Hotel. Since this event was held two days after Jakarta’s birthday, Varnion used a Betawi-inspired theme depicting its appreciation to the city of Jakarta – a city that is constantly moving forward up to this day. All Varnioso who attended the event wore Betawi’s traditional costume like sarong, pangsi, kebaya and another type of Betawi blouse. This event was definitely exciting. It consisted of Betawi-inspired activities such as singing traditional betawi singing contest, respond the rhyme (pantun), best costume competition, dubsmash contest, and also gift exchange. As part of the Varnioso family, we hope that this fast-breaking celebration will make our bond stronger. Let’s take a peek of our happiness on the video down below 😀

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