Morning Varnion Agustus 2016

Morning Varnion was held for the third on this year on August 19th, 2016. The event was lively and full of enthusiasm from Varnioso. Varnioso was passionate to celebrated Indonesia 71th Independence Day. The theme for this event is “Fighter for The past, Present and Future”. This Morning Varnion was expected that Varnioso motivated to always fight for what became our dreams. The theme is also supported by childhood’s dream costume that is suggested for all participant to wear. So, the pleasant atmosphere increasingly felt.

Morning Varnion begins with independence ceremony as a celebration of Indonesia’s independence day and continued with a sharing session by Mr. Alexander Budiman. In his discussion, Mr. Alex explained that we definitely have at least that one dream profession. However, when we grow up, we realized that we get more options for another professions suitable with our skill.  If the job that we do is not accordance with our dreams we don’t need to be disappointed. The causes wasn’t because we are not smart enough, but we have other options to be the best in different fields. By loving our work, it will be easier for us to be the best in our field. There were also many traditional games that was prepared for all participants by the comitee such as Lomba makan kerupuk, memasukan pulpen dalam botol and Joget balon.

Let’s peek the excitement of Morning Varnion this August 😀

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