Bali Shooting Sport – Varnion Clients Gathering

Varnion Clients Gathering was held in November 2016. Carried out Bali Shooting Sport theme, Varnion continues to innovate in delivering  “wow experience” to our loyal clients. Continuing the previous agenda which was held in Jakarta on May 24th, May 25th and June 2nd, 2016, the shooting sports practice still become the main activity in this gathering this year.

Led by Ms. Lily Tjia as Sales Hospitality Vice President, this event has been successfully implemented for four days in Bali, starting from November 15th until November 18th, 2016. Lapangan Tembak Bhayangkara was chosen to be the venue of execution for clients gathering in Bali this year. This event was officially held under the supervision of police and PERBAKIN Bali. It was an honors for us, when Mr. Makno S.H as the representative of PERBAKIN Bali is pleased to provide guidance about the shooting sports at our gathering. In addition, Kombes Laksana Kasat Brimob Bali also attended on the third day. On that occasion, he gave a briefing how to practice the shooting sports properly.

There were several event sessions on our gathering, starting with an explanation of the theory of the shooting sports by the Range Master, Mr. Ebram Harimurti, then followed by training activities about how to use the firearms. Furthermore, the agility of the participants were examined through the assessment practice to ensure the ability of the participants. After following all the existing practice sessions, the gathering then continued with Shoot off Competition where there was only 16 participants with the best grade on the assessment practices that can join the competition.

There are two winners for The Best Shooter of the Day and The Winner of Shoot Off Competition category which announced on the successive days  on every batch. The joy of the participants still perceived until the end of the gathering which closed with the announcement of Photo Contest Competition. In this gathering, the participants are invited to post their best photos to Facebook during their attendance. The success of this client gathering this year and the participant’s enthusiasm, has motivated Varnion to make another interesting event in years to come.

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