Participation on Jakarta Election Day

2017 is a year that every Jakarta’s societies have their own big new hopes. As Jakarta will be 490 years old on the next June, the societies deserve to get a new hope and a new spirit by participating on Jakarta Governor Election Day 2017 that will officiate for 5 years ahead. Jakarta Governor Election Day 2017 was being national most important politics barometer.  C360_2017-04-20-13-41-38-875

Held on April 19th, 2017, Jakarta Governor Election raised many hopes of every Jakarta’s Society. Some of Varnioso who own Jakarta citizen card participated on the Election Day. They have same hopes that Jakarta would be a developing city in the future.

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Varnioso Jakarta who participated on the Election Day took their time to have a selfie photo with their inked finger as a proved that they were participating with gave their vote for a better Jakarta.


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