Varnion Movie Time!

It came again! Varnion’s movie time held on April 7th, 2017 at all branch offices. The Finest Hours, a film released in the early of 2016, this movie selected to play at this movie time. The story line is quite straining but it was succeeded to amaze all Varnioso, unconsciously we had spent time for 117 minutes for this movie.


Varnioso Jakarta had so much fun while watching The Finest Hour

Based on a true story, this movie recounts a rescue of 32 tanker crews by a team of Bernie Webber (Chris Pine) who are members of the coast guard, while a massive storm comes, damaging two tankers to the point that they appear likely to sink.


Movie Time at Bali office.

This movie raises the values of teamwork, where Webber and his team finally able to stop the tanker in a coral mountain. ‘The Finest Hours’ shows how important teamwork is. The teamwork between the tanker’s crew, and also between Bernie Webber’s team and the coast guard monitoring team, it shows that every difficulties can be through if the team has a strong teamwork.


#VCC3 – work with fun and madness

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