Morning Varnion May 2017

Morning Varnion was back! Held on May 8th, 2017, the theme was ‘Double Standard’. It was a great morning to have Mr. Alexander Budiman. He shared to us about what ‘Double Standard’ means. Have you ever visited malls in the downtown? Some of them have two different toilets that are made specifically for staff and customers. You could see that the malls treated both of the staff and customers differently. Then it is concluded that the malls have ‘Double Standard’.


Mr. Alexander Budiman shared about ‘Double Standard’

Mr. Alex said that the standard is a level to measure the value. Everyone has their own worth of life, and the value is influenced by their own mindset also how their response to the surroundings.


Varnioso gathered and listened on Mr. Alex speech

Mr. Alex explained to us about the ‘law of attraction’ as the part of mindset, which means ‘think positively, then anything you do would get a positive result as well’. Change is the first thing you could do to get your own worth of life, started from changing your mindset to be more positive and see how it works.

Becoming Agent of Change #VCC5

Becoming Agent of Change #VCC5

At the end of this Morning Varnion, our two hosts Azky and Zilka made several games to summarize the speech from Mr. Alex. The high enthusiasm of Varnioso improved motivation to go on doing positive things to change our lives in the future.

Azky and Zilka lead the whole event

our two hosts who lead the whole event

Think positive, raise your standard and get your worth of life

Have a good day everyone


Mr. Alex took a photo with our two hosts


Varnioso enjoyed and had some fun on Morning Varnion


They got a prize for concluding Mr. Alex speech. Congratulations!!


Late persons got sanction to had some push-up

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