Varnion Participated on Blood Donation

In order to commemorate ‘Hari Palang Merah Indonesia¬†2017’ also the 2nd Anniversary of Quest San Hotel Denpasar, they held a Blood Donation event. This blood donation held on Monday, May 8th 2017 at Quest San Hotel Denpasar, which is located in Mahendradata streets and invited all Rotary Club. Spent for about 3 hours, some of Varnioso that joined the event feel so much healthier after donating their blood.


Mr. Agus as one of Varnioso is ready to donate his blood

Supporting this event, Varnion join the Blood Donation by participating in booth, giving goodie bags, and also donating blood by some of Varnioso.

Mr Agus as a volunteer in the blood donation event

Mr Agus as a volunteer in blood donation event

At the end of the event, there were some photo session by the committee, invited guests, supporters, and the head of ‘Palang Merah Indonesia’ in Bali. Last but not least, the Happy Birthday song became a theme song to end the event.

Took some pictures to memorize this health and humanity event

Took some pictures to memorialize this health and humanity event

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