2 Minutes Closer with Network Control Customer Solution

NCCS or Network Control Customer Solution is one of department that exist in Varnion. Fidelis Adi Wicaksono ‘Fidi’ told about his experiences as NCCS officer in Varnion. Fidi explained that “Overall NCCS is like regular Customer Service , but Varnion’s Customer Service is different, aside from receiving request or handling problem from customer, Varnion also help customer about connection’s monitoring. So, NCCS not only becoming a customer solutions officer but also in charge on network control” said 24 years old man called fidi.

                Since working at Varnion, Fidi got many experiences with various types of customer who reported their complain, from customer who was patient to the newbie customer who wasn’t ‘computer friendly’. Based on fidi’s experiences, newbie customer is more like easily panic when there is any issues on their network and didn’t know what they should do, and as a NCCS officer he has to help finding solution and calming customer patiently so the customer won’t panic anymore.

                Varnion has a principal bringing the WOW Service to their customers. So, it’s NCCS Job to handle any complain 24 hours a week, meaning that this department has no day off to serve the customer. Because of their 24 hours service, NCCS Officers are encouraged to maintain their health including minding their sleep time, Varnion also providing any entertainments like Xbox, foosball table, dart board and mini soccer arranged by other Varnioso (Varnion’s employees). Varnion NCCS NCCS also has to know what kind of issue that the customer might have, disconnection or any other connection problems. NCCS also need specific data from customer who reported the problem, because the issue that frequently reported is customers can’t visit or access specific websites that means those websites status are ‘banned by request’ by customer’s company or’s IT person. When there’s any servers problem, NCCS Team can give any advice or input but they can’t help changing their customer internal security server system.

                When he’s asked about his funny experiences as NCCS , he smiles and laugh immediately, “Once i received a call, someone said that ‘Sir, this unit is troubled’ ” said Fidi impersonated a woman’s voice. ‘im sorry miss, what kind of issue do you have? you can’t access several websites?’ “no sir, the water is cut off” maybe she thinks that this number (varnion NCCS number) was a Customer solution specialties in everything, and she hung up immediately after i explained what this number really are for. And one more, someone called in the middle of the night that she can’t access internet in fact that she forgot to plug in the cable” said Fidi with Laugher behind his voice.


Fidelis Adi Wicaksono

Fidelis Adi Wicaksono

After he graduated college in 2014, Fidi directly work at Varnion and this April he will celebrate his 2 years anniversary working here. To him, working at Varnion makes him happy, because this is his first job and working at ISP company is his dream job since he was a student. “Working here, i easily get friends with the same hobbies because many young people work here, i didn’t have to dress up formally if i didn’t have to meet companies client, but we should dress up casually neat and comfortable. once i heard that other’s company has a several policies including the employee has to dress up formally and wearing uniform everyday, i think that’s boring unlike here” explained Fidi.

                Innovation for Fidi is an idea that making someone’s work become easy and more effective also efficient and useful for many people. Untill now, Fidi’s idea for NCCS is by implementing the neatness and cleanliness on the NCCS monitoring room that is active for 24 hours. Fidi thinks that minding the CS convenience is really needed because it is impacted to the NCCS work performance. Fidi assume that he still need perfecting his performance to achieve a smooth career path here. “We do have a chance to developing our self and encouraged to innovate something, i think that didn’t make things monotone here” close Fidi who has a hiking hobby.

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