Sharing Session & Afternoon Coffee: All About Traffic Control

Have you ever experienced a bad internet connection because of high usage? Uncontrolled internet traffic will waste the bandwidth. To avoid this kind of problem, Varnion held a Sharing Session & Afternoon Coffee with a theme All About Traffic Control. This sharing session held on last Friday, April 28th 2017 at Moringa Restaurant, which is located in Dewi Sri street. We find ourselves happier to spend time for 2 hours, 10 participants joined the sharing session at 3.30pm to 5.30pm


10 participants during presentation

Mr. Richo from Varnion Bali NEOC team did the presentation about general knowledge of traffic control, best practice to solve the problem due to the traffic control, monitoring, how to do the reporting, and also demo for Meraki. During the presentation, the clients show their enthusiastic by offering several questions related to the presentation. Mr. Dewa Suryadharma from HIS and Mr. Muhsin from Harris Kuta Galleria won the door prizes for being two most attractive participants during the sharing session.


Door prize given by Mrs. Nila to Mr. Dewa Suryadarma

Door prize given by Mrs. Nila to Mr. Muhsin

Door prize given by Mrs. Nila to Mr. Muhsin

At the end of the sharing session, the participants were given a goody bag, and should write a suggestion for the next event on a piece of sticky note. Last but not least, photo session became the closing of the sharing session, with all the participants and crew.

Taking a picture in the end of the Sharing Session and Afternoon Coffee

Taking a picture in the end of the Sharing Session and Afternoon Coffee

Participation on Jakarta Election Day

2017 is a year that every Jakarta’s societies have their own big new hopes. As Jakarta will be 490 years old on the next June, the societies deserve to get a new hope and a new spirit by participating on Jakarta Governor Election Day 2017 that will officiate for 5 years ahead. Jakarta Governor Election Day 2017 was being national most important politics barometer.  C360_2017-04-20-13-41-38-875

Held on April 19th, 2017, Jakarta Governor Election raised many hopes of every Jakarta’s Society. Some of Varnioso who own Jakarta citizen card participated on the Election Day. They have same hopes that Jakarta would be a developing city in the future.

P_20170419_100213_1_BF_p photo6325401227235534767

Varnioso Jakarta who participated on the Election Day took their time to have a selfie photo with their inked finger as a proved that they were participating with gave their vote for a better Jakarta.


Varnion Movie Time!

It came again! Varnion’s movie time held on April 7th, 2017 at all branch offices. The Finest Hours, a film released in the early of 2016, this movie selected to play at this movie time. The story line is quite straining but it was succeeded to amaze all Varnioso, unconsciously we had spent time for 117 minutes for this movie.


Varnioso Jakarta had so much fun while watching The Finest Hour

Based on a true story, this movie recounts a rescue of 32 tanker crews by a team of Bernie Webber (Chris Pine) who are members of the coast guard, while a massive storm comes, damaging two tankers to the point that they appear likely to sink.


Movie Time at Bali office.

This movie raises the values of teamwork, where Webber and his team finally able to stop the tanker in a coral mountain. ‘The Finest Hours’ shows how important teamwork is. The teamwork between the tanker’s crew, and also between Bernie Webber’s team and the coast guard monitoring team, it shows that every difficulties can be through if the team has a strong teamwork.


#VCC3 – work with fun and madness

Morning Varnion Januari 2017

This January, Varnion held an internal gathering event called Morning Varnion. Morning Varnion which themed “Fast Response”, began with a sharing session by Mr. Alexander Budiman that started with a mini quiz as an ice breaker. On this sharing session, Mr. Alex remind each Varnioso that every individual has to set their own target on this 2017 because the target is an important thing that should be owned by every company in order to achieve its vision and mission in the future. To achieve the target requires determination, strategy, consistency, cooperation, and coordination between each division within the company.

When the event has comes to an end, Morning Varnion closed with the announcement of working room decorating contest winners which has won by Billing team and NCCS team based on the assessment of secret judges with the indicators of the cleanest and most creative in arranging work space of each division.

Varnion Closing Party 2016

To close the amazing year of 2016, Varnion held a Closing Party event on December 30th, 2016. This Closing Party aims to welcome 2017 with togetherness. Each division is required to dress up as a film character’s costume based on lottery, such as The Avengers, Star Wars, 21 Jump Street, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Avatar the legend of Aang, James Bond 007, High School Musical, Magnificent 7 up to 10 Brothers.

XCT Team dressed up as Harry Potter characters

XCT Team dressed up as Harry Potter characters

Billing Team dressed up as Star Wars characters

Billing Team dressed up as Star Wars characters

This closing party event began with performance session where each division sings their group’s song (known as Yel –Yel in Indonesia) which they have created before and shared their working experience in Varnion over the past year. The event continued with a dance competition which in this session each division delegate their team member to participate and required all the representatives to impersonate the dance movements on the video chosen by the committee. In the next session, Varnioso watched the kaleidoscope video that summarizes all the Varnion activities throughout 2016.

This event was come to an end with the awards announcement for some categories. The Best Team category won by Varnion Support Team, while the Superstar of the Day category was won by Mr. Danang from Logistic Team who dressed up as a Captain America complete with his shield.

We are team and family

We are team and family

The Winner of Superstar of The Day

The Winner of Superstar of The Day

Varnion Berbagi – CSR Natal 2016

As an ISP company, Varnion regularly carry out the CSR as an annual social responsibility and sharing happiness program. This December, Varnion had an opportunity to celebrate Christmas with orphanage children in Pondok Si Boncel in Jagakarsa. In this event, Varnioso entertained the children by playing mini-drama which tells the story about the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ and held a singing session. The children of Pondok Si Boncel Orphanage House also performed dances to enliven the event. Besides mini-drama and dances performance, this  program also consisted of games, donation, and gift giving by Santa Claus successfully made the children feel excited and happy. The procession of prayer and donations from Varnioso to Pondok Si Boncel Foundation then increased the solemn of this Varnion Sharing program. By the end of the event, the familiarity among Varnioso and the children in Pondok Si Boncel Orphanage House increasingly perceived at lunchtime activity and a photo session. Let’s see the excitement of Varnion Sharing event – CSR Christmas 2016 by clicking the video below.

Bali Shooting Sport – Varnion Clients Gathering

Varnion Clients Gathering was held in November 2016. Carried out Bali Shooting Sport theme, Varnion continues to innovate in delivering  “wow experience” to our loyal clients. Continuing the previous agenda which was held in Jakarta on May 24th, May 25th and June 2nd, 2016, the shooting sports practice still become the main activity in this gathering this year.

Led by Ms. Lily Tjia as Sales Hospitality Vice President, this event has been successfully implemented for four days in Bali, starting from November 15th until November 18th, 2016. Lapangan Tembak Bhayangkara was chosen to be the venue of execution for clients gathering in Bali this year. This event was officially held under the supervision of police and PERBAKIN Bali. It was an honors for us, when Mr. Makno S.H as the representative of PERBAKIN Bali is pleased to provide guidance about the shooting sports at our gathering. In addition, Kombes Laksana Kasat Brimob Bali also attended on the third day. On that occasion, he gave a briefing how to practice the shooting sports properly.

There were several event sessions on our gathering, starting with an explanation of the theory of the shooting sports by the Range Master, Mr. Ebram Harimurti, then followed by training activities about how to use the firearms. Furthermore, the agility of the participants were examined through the assessment practice to ensure the ability of the participants. After following all the existing practice sessions, the gathering then continued with Shoot off Competition where there was only 16 participants with the best grade on the assessment practices that can join the competition.

There are two winners for The Best Shooter of the Day and The Winner of Shoot Off Competition category which announced on the successive days  on every batch. The joy of the participants still perceived until the end of the gathering which closed with the announcement of Photo Contest Competition. In this gathering, the participants are invited to post their best photos to Facebook during their attendance. The success of this client gathering this year and the participant’s enthusiasm, has motivated Varnion to make another interesting event in years to come.

Morning Varnion Agustus 2016

Morning Varnion was held for the third on this year on August 19th, 2016. The event was lively and full of enthusiasm from Varnioso. Varnioso was passionate to celebrated Indonesia 71th Independence Day. The theme for this event is “Fighter for The past, Present and Future”. This Morning Varnion was expected that Varnioso motivated to always fight for what became our dreams. The theme is also supported by childhood’s dream costume that is suggested for all participant to wear. So, the pleasant atmosphere increasingly felt.

Morning Varnion begins with independence ceremony as a celebration of Indonesia’s independence day and continued with a sharing session by Mr. Alexander Budiman. In his discussion, Mr. Alex explained that we definitely have at least that one dream profession. However, when we grow up, we realized that we get more options for another professions suitable with our skill.  If the job that we do is not accordance with our dreams we don’t need to be disappointed. The causes wasn’t because we are not smart enough, but we have other options to be the best in different fields. By loving our work, it will be easier for us to be the best in our field. There were also many traditional games that was prepared for all participants by the comitee such as Lomba makan kerupuk, memasukan pulpen dalam botol and Joget balon.

Let’s peek the excitement of Morning Varnion this August 😀