Varnioso – Agent Of Change

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Hello Monday! After a fun crazy weekend, getting up early is a hard thing to do. It is admitted, however Varnioso acted the opposite this morning. We woke up early and arrived at the office on time. As soon as we arrived in the office, a warm savory smells tickling the whole room. Food! Yummy… 😀 The white big screen was up and colorful drinks are managed on the table. Yes, again we had an event going on, Morning Varnion.

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Varnions Women’s Day


Who hates Monday? We surely don’t! When people busy facing the traffic jamm, Varnioso were enjoying the movie on the screen with popcorn on the hand. Not because it’s affordable price in cinema, but we have special celebration went on. Kartini’s day! To made it even more memorable, we had a dresscode for the day which is kebaya. The Varnioso guys were looking awesome too in batik as their respect to the women.

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Everything You Need To Know About Spam

Untitled-8The world’s most hated unsolicited electronic messages as known as Spam come with many forms such as email fraud/phising, marketing or advertising email, and bomb email. Whatever the form is, we are sure it’s not something you want to see on your computer in the morning.  Then why does your “good” email go into the spam folder? Let us dig deeper into spam world to find out how to fight spam.

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Self Organize

On March, 17 2014 we had a “Morning Varnion”, there was something different this time. We were not only given or shared new knowledges for Varnioso but we also had a short practical training. The main title was “Self-Organized” under this month theme, VCC #5 “Becoming Agent of Change” by VOC (Varnion Office Committee).

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Behind The Scene Chinese New Year 2565

On the previous Chinese New Year 31st Januari 2014, our Design Team made a very creative greeting video although the idea came out suddenly.

All the processes were made manually by hand, then with hundreds of frame by frame picture were taken and edited to produce a very sophisticated video.

Here is the photo album of Behind The Scene. Enjoy! 🙂

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Fast Outside – Healthy Inside

article picture di bagian atas buat judul

Last Monday on Morning Varnion, Mrs. Veronica as Business Operational Manager shared a brilliant topic about how to make your company fast and healthy.

Everything moves at such a fast pace and it is important to keep moving. As a company, it’s important to act fast. Act fast is essential but you should pay attention and understand to what happen inside your company or your team. Here’s the details:

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